Chris Brown Arrested After D.C. 'Altercation'

Police say the controversial singer has been charged with felony assault.
2:54 | 10/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chris Brown Arrested After D.C. 'Altercation'
Welcome just getting everyone and once again Chris brown and that is for all the wrong reasons this time apparently he had been arrested and charged with felony assault because he punched a man in the face and broke his nose -- that's according to the victim. The seven at 4:30 in the morning outside the W hotel and K street in Washington DC and apparently what happen and this is so according to Chris Brown's people. They were chilly outside of the hotel try to take a picture the victim cutters and tries to put a bomb the picture. Chris doesn't like that and he goes -- That's what the victim -- -- Chris -- people are saying that's not true he was trying to get Chris Brown is -- us. And present like that and there for here reacted so there you have -- he is now facing these charges. And there was also apparently right before striking the man he say he. Blurted out gay slur important that I'm not into this gate. And it's -- boxing so. -- -- -- -- On top the law. More and then a little more and some more -- -- -- -- -- Chris Brown -- by the way in hot water confirmation from the 2009 attack on his then girlfriend Rihanna is now in hot water once again with the law. Last Sunday deprivation. -- -- you want to do well and this time who knows what's gonna happen to him. Police did get a man this time my guess what come on Chris -- anyway -- founded. Of course engaged now in I had. Exactly what -- did TMZ they have agreed to sign -- freedom they will keep all their assets separate despite a massive joint account of some kind and according to how much they you know public speculation estimate how much they have. Not only million dollars or barely they will have a contract they will have a pre nup to keep thinking eight -- -- -- In the likely event that they split. Yes very highly likely to have -- such a low key couple do. They really do have a solid foundation. Julianne -- hasn't gone up from dancing with the stars and then she kind of dabbled in a little bit of acting or you have her she's. Sudden trouble because. Last Friday she decided to opt for a quite a controversial Halloween costume she had black -- not -- -- old news -- -- is it just as the character from the hit series oranges the new black. She has taken to turn into apologized as she was trying to this is the character that she was little going for crazy -- aren't on the show. She wrote on Saturday and huge fan of the show and and the actress that Karadzic is treated it certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to Atlanta anyway and -- my house to hurt and offended people and I truly -- every year -- -- -- to pull that off and it never goes well the black players. A man doesn't. -- could now I can do it in related news -- cancel credit card but it's tough we have.

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{"id":20700550,"title":"Chris Brown Arrested After D.C. 'Altercation'","duration":"2:54","description":"Police say the controversial singer has been charged with felony assault.","url":"/WNN/video/chris-brown-arrested-dc-altercation-20700550","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}