Chris Brown Confirms Relationship

Chris Brown says that he and Rihanna are officially back together.
3:06 | 02/27/13

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Transcript for Chris Brown Confirms Relationship
All right quick update here. Well done well -- -- thank you let him. Quick update on the Chris Brown Rihanna situation apparently finally. Confirmation of the obvious that they are together Chris browns cut out said we are back together she is the most beautiful girl in the world but -- said she couldn't be here tonight she's rehearsing for Torre was -- an Oscar party and gave that statement so they are fishy about the other finally they come out kind of civil all of us already -- Also it not so friendly news. Rihanna had to get a restraining order against a man who is pretty -- -- a fan of hers we even tried to break into our house he actually broke into a neighbor's house singing was. Three out -- house -- she -- a restraining order against him he cannot come a hundred yards anything related within a hundred yards and anything related to her -- -- has amendment. Of course the price of fame -- obsessed fan. As of whale calf actually got a restraining order against -- -- will be limited or dangerous. I think Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have a daughter named Seri we all know that well there were apparently pictures -- splash news. That found that may be -- -- a body double being -- pictures of the little girl wearing the same color black skirt and leggings. And they were dropped off at a building in Manhattan and a rather and -- -- and easy. They were -- up at a building in Manhattan just minutes apart from each other we're now getting on to come out to say that those claims are absolutely ridiculous they happen to be friends and they just so happened to look and dress alike -- -- An early date is wearing leggings and -- -- -- Yeah the other world crisis averted so everybody -- hot and also check out the cover of this magazine Fred everyone's favorite couple Kanye and Kim got a vote. We're intimate suppose -- right -- a little businesses. The latest thing jobs and that's companies that Kim looks like she's having a wonderful boom time inadvertently into mid. Embrace there's so this -- -- like a fly on the line -- better. Apparently think they're very media -- couple we all know that's apparently there they are and they are very cozy and and looking good show and -- they're happy when I get better magazine cover that another tape hoping. All right well our friend and colleague Barbara Walters is returning to the -- next week Monday will be -- first day back after she was sidelined from more than a month she's been recovering from chicken -- says you may remember. And a concussion. Barbara Walters she was asked about the show starting in January 22 when she was hospitalized. After fainting -- cutting her head at a British ambassador's residence in DC during the inauguration. And then -- that -- -- which includes -- -- -- -- Barbara Walters on her way back as we knew she would -- also Bobby Brown back in the news. Yet gone to jail 55 days yeah. Go behind bars pleading no contest to driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license a whole bunch of charges here. He's gonna have to report to jail on March 20 you begin his sentence. Bobby Brown considerably not stay out the troubled very little -- right -- -- this is his prerogative we can. Over that -- and around -- problem.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Chris Brown says that he and Rihanna are officially back together.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18605109","title":"Chris Brown Confirms Relationship","url":"/WNN/video/chris-brown-confirms-relationship-18605109"}