Chris Christie Meets David Letterman

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie eats doughnuts and jokes about his weight on the "Late Show."
3:01 | 02/05/13

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Transcript for Chris Christie Meets David Letterman
No need for an introduction and I said this is there any gains in net and the hands out. We're starting out it's Chris Christie who made his very first parents and enlightenment in this kind of -- -- -- -- he he he was talking about his favorite Jackson Loretta and spreading and salad. -- -- -- -- -- Maybe there is -- how he went -- -- you he might not. He had a great -- he told -- David Letterman and he's always said that that is plump -- is fair game he has absolutely no problem with it heat he is how the -- the man and isn't that man. He handled without -- chairlift. It right and -- And he probably should and should not. Being you know meeting their -- -- -- night but anyway that they did sound he dad even -- -- -- -- so considering take a look at. Celebrity birthday today Chris Christie turned fifty he blew out the candles on his cake. And he wished for another -- I've made jokes about you not just one -- -- not just -- ongoing here and there -- intermittent but. Nobody can joke about he takes -- drive which is cool. And also let's move on -- -- my favorite performer and -- -- Beyoncé -- and barely -- I think she's late she's we've heard you speak audible portion. The good news -- local residents who were loyal to queen -- over the years usually announced her world -- -- ever get into the Super -- she announces Siegelman a world tour her first one actually in a few years -- you -- start in Belgrade and April 15 you can hit the UK she's gonna -- Germany -- Ireland all these great places starting April fifteenth so -- world war kicks off again in April the North American -- -- in. Late June so stay tuned for details at an arena near you my wife is -- to see alcohol. It's totally. She says she just -- babies she has a five month -- and thinking on another mom who just had a baby and -- so. Ridiculously. Gorgeous just luncheon is now the face -- now. And 32 years all she's the top earning up my -- -- -- she's flawless no matter what -- batters just had another baby she looks like she's. He's -- she's nine months anyway as these stories making it to look -- looking good. Vacation -- when Tiger Woods is -- -- apparently his new -- isn't Lindsey -- the blondes yeah. Who apparently is going to be this big event in Austria and how's he gonna need all these bodyguards around. There's speculation as to whether tiger will be out there to watch out for the big event she would like. -- --

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{"id":18407297,"title":"Chris Christie Meets David Letterman","duration":"3:01","description":"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie eats doughnuts and jokes about his weight on the \"Late Show.\"","url":"/WNN/video/chris-christie-meets-david-letterman-18407297","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}