Clever Kids Use Instagram to Return Lost iPhone

The children posted video to the owner's phone letting them know of their discovery.
2:54 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for Clever Kids Use Instagram to Return Lost iPhone
What did you make -- it's a check it out is threatening to to give you some guy is on a bike right loses his -- group a skater kids. -- -- -- And taken to aims to graft. And watch that. The value of bones up. -- -- -- -- It. So they got the video also and they did this video on the -- -- posited on his own ends -- Graham site. Key figures out that he's missing is found goes on there -- -- -- -- that these kids have -- they tell them. Where to meet him after he called the phone -- -- -- -- I was just pretty cool about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And grew older I get enough. There video that's probably on its way to go on viral it's not already there ready -- -- a lot of funny routines on gym exercises people get into their music and headphones sure. Good -- this guy he's on an elliptical machine I'll watch this ever -- What do things a little sensual. I don't get feel a little uncomfortable I was on the look when I got. I'd just like he's probably didn't -- -- -- Yeah luckily in the background isn't even -- And failed. I'm not here you. Jeff month captured this is a random national team and he posted -- another guy's name plates weren't gather. Wow. 20000. -- counting and I'm sure that's gonna go crazy after. I love it. Gets the next -- that it takes is what you want to do you mortified when he finds out that he's I think it's going to be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. I -- critical picture that we want to show you this is a farm in New Jersey guy named dale Davis this is his farm he decided it was trying to drum up a little bit of interest. In the governor's race out in Jersey. Excuse me in. -- -- I think transient so he decided that he is the -- being -- -- -- Eight since stony hills farm and he says dishonest people pay thinking come off than me he -- -- back you know eight with an elephant and donkey Ellen says he wants -- to get. Interested in politics an amazing creation it all right -- I hate to say it but I'm really come. Happy about this story hasn't gotten driving too slow in Minnesota's name's Gary less drag Gary of Lester prairie Minnesota -- well the Court of Appeals upheld what the police said that you're driving to -- and putting everybody else at risk. Yeah took his license away apparently he's done this like five times he drives. Who you got the wrong.

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{"id":20033820,"title":"Clever Kids Use Instagram to Return Lost iPhone","duration":"2:54","description":"The children posted video to the owner's phone letting them know of their discovery.","url":"/WNN/video/clever-kids-instagram-return-lost-iphone-20033820","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}