Climbing for change

Kai Lightner has broken down barriers in the world of outdoor sports since the age of six. ABC’s Will Ganss shares his story.
4:18 | 07/30/20

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Transcript for Climbing for change
My friends of reaching for something higher and something brighter is now creating a better day. At an inspiration for so many other young people. He is our amazing American this morning at our own lo gans is here now with more on his story good morning well good morning Mona good morning Kenneth good morning to all of you at home as a little kid. Highlight your used to climb from one story of its North Carolina apartment building to another just to save of the neighbors. And he's been climbing ever since busting stereotypes of breaking down barriers along the way. You never really expect to see anyone clinging to decide if a clip from your sport but highlight excess. Crazier that. And the pretty but experienced worker in the city is fresher. Forgot it's always been high time for a high flying even at the ripe old age of six. The mother was that her job and who talked to her bonds met with declined the that you put on hold behind her. And should know we have not. End and that was up there and related blog by and saw me in she got me down at there are climbing. I tried and he rock we begin competing and made nationals his very first year. Reaching new heights with each passing season but he since 110 youth national titles. Fight youth world battles and now the twenty year old phenom has won few adult world titles tied traveling just six of seven continents. North Carolina native saying that climbing has changed his world view. Being able to appreciate different cultures and not seeing things that are different in scary speaking of scary we are. Here. Nope immediate. I've always whose blood you know how how. I premiere at relay for some reason when I'm climbing everything from me. I'm the most in what everybody in my mind is sharp and make it work feeling that. A camera in the other activity tae blazing a trail of diversity equity and inclusion an outdoor sports. I remember when I first started climbing in wahpeton into the gym they were not any other climbers in the teen. Or any congress and the competitions who were black girl who looked like me who came from a background similar to me Cindy use you. To work at Philly. The more accomplished. The more I realize I'm kind of adding that own a minority or. People who look at a mutant army he's also spoken out about eating disorders a topic typically slept under the rug. Especially for men I grew up thinking that I have to that this small minority success or so. All the work at the time where. Six eight and I was I when I was thirteen. Yeah and so. Competitive had to be smaller mad at this. Are there it's an irritant better now but obviously. I'm eating disorders are better and a black long night proving that there's no barrier he won't climb over to get to where he's going. How it comes and so many shape and size lose. And realizing your full potential. Look at the queen every -- at her and see how Taylor your goals in your dreams. And your training to your own personal Q ability kite is also currently pursuing a business degree. Well and their states although I didn't move I grow they are. A. Forget rock climbing I can even get the eyebrow thing down. Just this week high at lunch climbing for change a nonprofit aimed at improving diversity equity and inclusion in outdoor sports. You can learn much more about that at climbing for it like the number for change dot org. I think the main stretch for that 100. I know like I can't yet only Langley and I'm on the I'm not anymore I was like cool. My sides hurt. And recreation that I was Little Rock climber myself all when I was younger. I love rock climbing walls nothing like that's not nice. Well thank you by the way and when it comes the him he's an incredible young man and that's Geary impressive.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Kai Lightner has broken down barriers in the world of outdoor sports since the age of six. ABC’s Will Ganss shares his story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72071176","title":"Climbing for change","url":"/WNN/video/climbing-change-72071176"}