Up close and personal with Hayley Kiyoko

The breakout artist opens up about her rise to fame and breaking the mold as an openly gay pop star.
5:04 | 07/27/18

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Transcript for Up close and personal with Hayley Kiyoko
Is Haley kill goes hit girls like. Girl as the breakout moment lover her and now we are getting a behind the scenes look at this artist on the right. Hi my name is feeling HBO go. Released my debut album here expectations. Or I am paying musician and. News attempt rooms that is. Unknown exactly who. It's weird because of sight and just being myself. I'm Sharon now with other people he. Girls at girls was at a time of no one's no one knows who lay down and what's the points. Of putting out music and art if no one's gonna watch act putting it up on YouTube and it went viral. I remember a big day in hit 500000 views it was a big deal for that idiots circulate the waiting there to realize. How many people relate so many people even if they didn't icons. Were connecting. I don't you think yeah because when I was younger. I didn't have any woman living in influences we need people like that. Yeah and yeah. Inspired me she's bringing our feelings out into the public opinion more normal. I though is known until I was since I was five and had someone whose day or in the community. Scares a stereotype. I'm trying to break. Diet that wall and not stereotype because we caller very different I'm trying to show people that maybe don't understand sat. We are normal and not who we are everywhere and went on track and we just want to be loved it's just like everyone else. What I just got my music to some has never heard of before is that even if you don't like pop he would probably even try my now blond in the sense. Highlight says John Heard it's not fun to listen to from. Nine Jeremy. So this chair and has been very long. And every day has been a challenge. I. I've always spend. A kid with a dream how do you get some extreme what do you do how do you accomplish. Good. You know making up my apartment every day staring at wal. Gurgling. People to not knowing anyone in the and street. Trying to figure out how to get into the studio and record the music. And then from there it was like I've always wanted to tell stories my fight is just how that office. For people see you. Understands. Where I'm coming from to be able to relate to me is that. Creating amazing music videos. Title I do that well I have no money OK as she did on my friend's house OK Julia Barr your camera okay community you know I'd spend like. Favor after favor just to be like included. And to have the opportunity for people to lets them. So about where it an example that production by letter more million dollars. So I now have one. So funny when it is but I can unilaterally pass my goal if my videos at my music. Is to inspire hope to show. Literally show. Be like hey you can look like this you can feel this way and you can find happiness and I think that that's important for people to be able proceed. He hands people in my community. I especially like yeah me. Like just so thankful and inside. Yeah whenever you. I'm alone here on. Six nice. And I think I have always easy entry and were married her mom. Fans will show the world. It's actually it's hundred pounds can make it all happened and who did. Or did big big thanks to Katie spoons and Mike people who put that altogether decades ago the wonder how she was gonna make this happen and a half of the great talented enough for either.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"The breakout artist opens up about her rise to fame and breaking the mold as an openly gay pop star.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"56860945","title":"Up close and personal with Hayley Kiyoko ","url":"/WNN/video/close-personal-hayley-kiyoko-56860945"}