The Coat that Gives Hugs

Japanese students have created a coat that simulates the girlfriend experience.
2:54 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for The Coat that Gives Hugs
I -- -- mix -- -- who needs girlfriend and is not having any luck. We might have something and -- for -- There's a -- desire Bagram a Japanese students as a special belt -- when you Wear it creates the sensation that you're being hum from behind. Off the concept of this devices that everyone get -- the feeling of having a girlfriend. Again it's engineered by a group of Japanese students it looks like a normal -- -- first. You put it on and they can -- you can also whisper apparently -- through headphones. Girlfriend type things sweet nothings in such. Kelly that's what it takes us -- having conference being hug from behind -- It isn't here yeah I'd rather look at the Victoria's Secret catalog. The university is also working on a kissing simulator is not the elderly and -- Rather -- he. The birth certificate illicit street to start out when that kid thinking out discounted. OK so you pain you've been out of the market for awhile so this -- doesn't apply to you don't grant you know I think it is. That's out there so hearings I knew. List of dating rules for twenty -- of the airplane door here ready here we go located at best ways to needs according to this list is through friends. -- through work functions -- That's about right. I guess I'm also surprised that it met online dating is not their attic not -- ever watch -- -- becoming more and more popular. -- -- the best way to get to know your date what you think. Go for a walk I don't know something like that. Come on get with the modern times. Smokes stop paying FaceBook stuff. Yeah yeah yeah let's go look at other picture -- of their accident all that gets the -- there and the best ways to relax before a first day. Have a couple of belts and -- that's -- really. How could shrink and where -- fitting clothes confident clothes get a feel good about yourself. First dates my goodness -- anything else that we rapped on the I think that's pretty -- but I -- pretty decent advice. New York City by -- bicycles was hit by a car back in November police -- spectacular New Yorkers according to the New York Post story that -- -- And essentially. Months later he gets -- -- from the -- saying we want 12100 some odd dollars to pay for the damages. After the police left. Yes because it's -- wanted to hit the -- and yet he says that is preposterous and they should be you know they should be paying for me and new nation to issue a letter of apology instead of -- -- bill. You can put one got to pay Alomar real -- -- this is what you'll love this guy invented something so that his electric guitar when he -- it. It can send out emails -- And where we're at about eighteen no corresponds with the letter and married Kelly said in his message -- out continue to -- investment very cool.

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{"id":18911741,"title":"The Coat that Gives Hugs","duration":"2:54","description":"Japanese students have created a coat that simulates the girlfriend experience.","url":"/WNN/video/coat-hugs-18911741","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}