Cohen to be sentenced

Former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen should learn his fate today in federal court. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
2:07 | 12/12/18

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Transcript for Cohen to be sentenced
Well today's sentencing day for president trumps former lawyer Michael culling could spend the next several years in prison. Prosecutors say he violated campaign finance laws at the direction of the president. But in a new interview mr. trump makes it clear he's taking no blame for Collins actions. ABC's Kenneth Moulton has more from Washington good morning. Good morning candidates Michael Cohen was not only one of the quotes its people president trump. He will become the first person sent us in the Russian investigation. Whose crime directly involve the president. Michael Cohen set to learn his fate in a New York federal court today mr. Karr has operated. President trumps former longtime personal attorney plead guilty to tax evasion. Making false statements to a bake in campaign finance violations. In the supper Russian investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller. Cohen admitted to lying to congress about the president's business dealings with Russia during the torn sixteen campaign. Federal prosecutors in new Yorker asking for substantial prison time of three and a half years saying Cohen sought to influence that we succeed or two from the shadows. Motivated by personal greed and ambition because he's. He's a white person. I'm not a very Smart person president troubles worked to distance himself from Cohen. Who says his former boss directed him to make hush money payments to two women between sixteen to keep them quiet about their allies to tears were trumped years ago. And a new interview Reuters asked the president if he would discuss campaign finance laws with Cohen. Trump's response Michael Cohen as a lawyer I assume you would know what he's doing. The president went on to say the payments were not a campaign contribution and quote if it were it's only civil it even if it's only civil there was no violation based on what we dead. On talk of impeachment president trump told Reuters he's not concerned. Quote I think that the people would revolt. If that happened. And that in every the president said it any trump associates hacked contacts with Russians during his campaign it was quote. Peanut stops. According to the special counsel Michael Cohen has provided useful incredible information in the Russian investigation. Today chemists and Colin sentencing expected 11 AM eastern time Kenneth thank you.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"Former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen should learn his fate today in federal court. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59767954","title":"Cohen to be sentenced","url":"/WNN/video/cohen-sentenced-59767954"}