Conquer the Empire State Building Stair Climb

WNN's Marci Gonzalez made it up all 1,576 stairs of the iconic skyscraper in 22 minutes.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Conquer the Empire State Building Stair Climb
Here's some breaking news this morning -- kind this woman right here is a rock star for the star and have you wanna call the empire state rely on -- -- Few hours ago she ran up and nearly 16100. Stairs 86 floors. Yeah I -- still can't believe it myself can't only. You're standing I know actually you don't mind is still need to be he's addressing the -- should be worried -- straight now either it was an. Unbelievable experience really incredible. Take a -- I get and it's cold I'd be wearing a jacket but finally I -- -- yeah. -- -- Lately not so fast before starting that daunting this -- 15100. 76 steps of New York's iconic skyscraper. Some last minute advice from the -- its trainer Tom Holland and Knight -- -- leave ATV meteorologist Amy green. This challenge last year yeah. Right -- I am not. And -- now and then you final stretches the starting line we're off. Camera strapped to -- capturing every step had started. Steady pace and taking about it right to ignore the lower numbers. He'll just 66. Important place to go to work get work yet. -- Right now back to it let alone the Bernie like. -- aren't higher until finally. 42. India did not finish -- -- Job. -- -- -- did so yeah. It's great to work. All right she's no -- can get the -- to -- and we need to know that. Get treats here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- after that height I don't know how it's possible. I feel OK EU Neal -- you know isn't it great vibe but in this airline you're pretty good signal. I'm -- was encouraging one another and I met this really cool group of guys this guy they'll McHugh is the one year anniversary. Yet to stem cell transplant that brought him into remission from multiple myeloma and this was a big fund raiser for the multiple myeloma research foundation raised 750000. Dollars for the organization's it was great meeting him in seeing. You know how far he'd come and that's why -- -- part of this big mission so. Kevin Tierney other I -- before -- -- our apple grew up we have. And you think you know these sordid a couple of -- probably. Leave but it was definitely worth that it is just such a unique experience and how to say it get it announced. Behind me -- just quietly leaning on the air. 86 floor eating six -- wants to do things aren't ready to open engineering and I'm sorry Saudi aren't there. Unless wanted to stage beginning the ice is almost wine color you are OK get bigger than we -- it has of that -- -- -- -- -- on Marcy the only good job Aqua America like.

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{"id":22387411,"title":"Conquer the Empire State Building Stair Climb","duration":"3:00","description":"WNN's Marci Gonzalez made it up all 1,576 stairs of the iconic skyscraper in 22 minutes.","url":"/WNN/video/conquer-empire-state-building-stair-climb-22387411","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}