Don't cook your turkey -- fry it

Brooklyn-based restaurant Jive Turkey taught ABC News' Will Ganss how to properly fry a turkey for Thanksgiving.
5:23 | 11/20/18

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Transcript for Don't cook your turkey -- fry it
Lo gaze over those of you who are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year were hosting wondering here. The clock is winding down for you get the menu in order like you better give quickly but if you're looking for something a little bit different from the usual roast Turkey. Lesson Jack techie jive Turkey at eight season. And who dared to doubt about it well good morning good morning so as far as Thanksgiving goes where in the homestretch. And when I say stretch from talking about those jeans with the elastic faced. I plan on doing that much eating this Thanksgiving and had this year on the Thanksgiving Day menu fried Turkey. Take a look. The highs are trapped stuffing is one thing. And the cranberries are sausages but when it comes to the turkeys and a lot of people are calling foul. They're bored of the bird they're wobbling on the gobbling but if people are tired of Turkey and how can be cured their felt fatigued from. Enter jive Turkey a Brooklyn based fried Turkey joint as if the title jive Turkey wasn't enough to draw me and Erica my Turkey traitor in chief. He told me about the flavor selection and that did the trick. Fight scenes savory sweet will cover at all but are tricky Dick sewer and peach suburban glazed Turkey denied bland bird. First step in our Turkey to not my eight Braylon. Value dressed the part that second step the glaze so that. He just start off. As threshold peaches and leave. And blanch them clearly got some two pieces and narrow than it ahead of various special Harare. Took a quick snack break. Being that the sue sue sue shaft is exhausting work but I tuned back and as soon as I heard by keyword. This is a Vanilla and verve and I mean I won't be doubted he had a little like suburban. That apple I said our beautiful urban mixture over a fire. I knew full adult supervision of could have been. Next onto the main event to our Turkey once trust and we added the dry rub and during which I channeled my inner soul thing. Next up the frying which is why we're all here right then don't worry for all you health conscious cooks. Not so bad for Gil it absorbs very little of oil because oil is so hot. Pat like last Friday that. Even though it may be all right for your heart frying a Turkey isn't always great for your home. There's a lot of risk involved when you try frying a Turkey at home. You could easily burn yourself or break your house down I don't recommend anyone try to Friday at home. And no one wants any of that so once we were properly suited up Erica was ready to fry our bird's eye I'm gonna let you do your thing here and a step out all right. While Erica went two prepare the Turkey for Frye added a little more verve into our peach next. How long should a Turkey sit in a hot tub like that. We'll take about three and a half minutes per pound in about 350 degree oil thief gets crispy and brown looking on the outside but how do you know the inside is totally cut. You have to test the internal temperature and for that we have a thermometer. That we insert into the thickest part of the bird. If that doesn't mean 1656. He's not read it and speaking of magic numbers here what you want to you. Deep fry wine and Turkey today. How many have you personally practice Friday about a thousand of them myself that isn't the unbelievable do you feel it feel more like must I have the so overwhelming yes. You are Erica. But now time to taste number 1001. Excellence we added that.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"Brooklyn-based restaurant Jive Turkey taught ABC News' Will Ganss how to properly fry a turkey for Thanksgiving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59311285","title":"Don't cook your turkey -- fry it","url":"/WNN/video/cook-turkey-fry-59311285"}