Cooking homemade Philly cheesesteaks

The host of "Not Another Cooking Show" on YouTube, Stephen Cusato, schools our producer in the art of the perfect cheesesteak.
5:14 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for Cooking homemade Philly cheesesteaks
United is really shuffled. Powell to show you you and that barely covered however there's really. I have this very at a later time luckily it right now who wouldn't want to jump forward Philadelphia fourteenth stage. And luckily we don't have to go quite that far our own call an early challenge producer Chris Gamble is getting schooled once again on the art of cooking by our favorite. YouTube cooking show host it's even got. Those if you go collide into these days. That the Herrick the Coca like an animal well he never yet had a got you dishes under my belt but feel like a big shots I got a haircut trying to look look the part good hit now pointed. He'd be foods that I love. She state. Phillips live off of it. Breakfast lunch and dinner. Yet but I'll see what I took a cheese steak if they stayed films. Well did you even know what they can. Do you find in the freezer section is under fifty cents proportion. I didn't realize your meat. That's definitely grow under anyone's by. Guam by had a I wasn't expecting a pop quiz on the basics hazard pay a knife skills progressing figure remember from last time although the united. Mix it with my own technique. The he stopped me before even got started and tried to refresh my memory. This is that this is the real master chef are here what this is what I do at home. Needing three cuts go down. And down. Down. I'm not sure why he looks can use. For those around like that. We're. Good to have here and look at that wow. That's incredible speed definitely wasn't impressed. If we weren T hear it now there'd be a different reaction. Your math said. That's questionable. We moved on to prepping the meat and just start with the united and just because that is you can. So like even try and I didn't show up any of my fingers died watch that finger. For here Reid got all the ingredients ready room to put it together in a similar way that you might find the Philadelphia and Seattle. We started to cook the onions in some heat. And discuss some different cooking technique. If the plot they come up flopping is much place as you see this is another thing it's called the spacing the spread and spread them out so movies on the other guys back. We started over there but there are cooking. I think make certain guys in there for. Like that technique can't let your life you know you go yeah understanding about it you're watching all the kids play in the pool time it's kind of something that every now and then. Makes you. Yeah that's the sound of my heart is expanding right thing before. We let the meat cook in the hand next to the onions and then. Notes the approval of. Yes forget. And that's what you're looking for right that we haven't heard. Oh you look familiar to me and then on the steam in the role. Just by doing that. Steve gets an extra meat is that going to be for you again and again. Does get few key states that are here. There's little bit churkin. We just gonna turn. Cops. See this. In your face Alan keys they called it. As everything you want to cheese steak. But I think. That's Deb bonded hasn't seemed to me this season and that the onion. And that probe alone and it's like I think she's seriously it's a very high quality cheese steak and that's different than have spent my life case testing different cheese steaks this one. The incredible thanking them. Thank you so I think in the meat left that over there there's another one for the failing family volume I think I've left for got to have a family. Anyway. Is what I'll be eating for sure maybe they'll have some of the leftovers thank you another one of the books they now. We do it. Chris van Euro RS dressing guy up and got up my present to you Gallo. Laura all of the states. Exclusive. She says why are you fancy. We're not gonna think that rumor that I've ever own unique way David Hayward yeah. You know. Street from behind on those kitchen dice I'd human I don't like and. Now I'm not going. But a name furious he bounces don't show themselves easily broke free from Italy and representatives to OK and so you may this pretty recently of these is beechy that you just dogs need three weeks ago when that few weeks ago yet. So it's been seeking okay. Yeah. Note I think she's a winner who's been.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"The host of \"Not Another Cooking Show\" on YouTube, Stephen Cusato, schools our producer in the art of the perfect cheesesteak.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63169047","title":"Cooking homemade Philly cheesesteaks","url":"/WNN/video/cooking-homemade-philly-cheesesteaks-63169047"}