Cool and Innovative Gadgets for the Car

Dick DeBartolo shows off some new gadgets for cars.
4:06 | 03/20/13

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Transcript for Cool and Innovative Gadgets for the Car
We are pleased this morning to have one of our favorite gas -- one an only from Twitter dot TV did -- Dick DeBartolo. -- few with the latest hi tech incident lot of tech gadgets that you don't wanna hear about for your card good morning -- so what are we have to. Diana some fun stuff this is from audio box car connections. Now this little gizmo goes under your -- it's something called the old BD. To pull it. Most cards since 1996. Have at it. And then it will tell you where your -- is how fast the cars going -- you if you wanna check in on your kids. All the way you don't want the car to go beyond. You forget where your car is. So it is so it's like hello Jack slash electrical fans -- -- -- what are and it also. Can send you and your information -- -- you tips on taking this little guy is from think peak. So now everybody's charging all the gadgets by this cigarette lighted this goes and the cigarette lighter. But each gadget needs its own voltage like the iPad needs a lot of -- The Cecil chip in there that when you plug it in it analyzes what you plugged in and it just puts that much voltage out to -- -- device so you never overcharge anything exactly. This guy is -- now we had something like this last year actually had this list you this is the new version this is called -- -- one. And this isn't falling you just given a glove compartment. -- one double A battery in the if you don't need it the battery is good for fifteen. Years. It's an emergency. You hit the you break the battery seal. Now you have ten hours of talk time you push the plus button it will call an emergency. -- before he or the police. So how long before every car has one of those in the glove -- -- yeah. They should give not a time I've been on the side of -- -- I need a bunch of sound exactly and. That the citizens need this this mug is the dual -- travel mug it's still insulated stainless steel goes in the cigarette light a lot of those on the market but you get your car and you still have a beverage. Pull this out. And now you have a USB. Dongle. Now from the cigarette lighter it to the computer. -- I would that's yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Blanket this is also. Goes into the cigarette light -- great for the kids in the back -- and it's big enough for two. And that's about 35 bucks from -- I've been -- on to have nine -- and it's nice and speaking if it doesn't warmup did so but a warm you have to and I want to salute great let's do a couple more -- -- a time. Wrought lace up hawk so you -- on the ceiling in the garage you only have to do this once he's seen the -- On your car where you want to talk to -- -- -- Then once it's up there. When you driving the next time it automatically. -- to car coming in it turns on an you can put the little ten point we're showing here okay. Say right on you -- -- -- you drive up when that pinpointed and you did point stop. You have not run into the bicycles and all the other stuff that one of the cheapest ways is the tennis ball on the -- I have -- you have got okay well this is like the high tech version for under ten bucks. So this is a tennis ball on the -- but when your car touches it it puts on a little light show did you wanna go laser you can do that I finally. Hope this yeah are you okay. This is C -- -- -- so he's got on the little -- in the head rest of the front seat this hangs down in the backseat. Now you have books for shopping -- exports equipment. Clothes on hangers and is a little this -- the -- -- version. And then there's a little to -- version this -- about fifteen blocks and -- little to -- version is under ten. Check this out thank you so much to quit telling you got magazine always bring us the best thank you are reading the info that kids who is not there is if you need links to -- -- -- wonderful this is all perfect and you'll find even more detailed information about all of these gadgets on our FaceBook page W and -- dot com.

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{"id":18769688,"title":"Cool and Innovative Gadgets for the Car","duration":"4:06","description":"Dick DeBartolo shows off some new gadgets for cars.","url":"/WNN/video/cool-innovative-gadgets-car-18769688","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}