Country Music Awards 2013: Winners, Performances, Highlights

Music and media consultant Bruno del Granado has the best moments from the 47th annual CMA Awards.
3:44 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for Country Music Awards 2013: Winners, Performances, Highlights
-- country classic -- with the legend Kenny Rogers one of the performances at last night's CMA awards watched by millions right here on ABC. Music and media consultant Bruno -- Granada joins us now with his insider insight into the big show. Kenny Rogers still haven't -- -- it's undeniable. He certainly does -- -- he certainly does this song is over thirty years old it's still sounded fresh. And Jennifer Nettles and -- -- did a pretty pretty good and Dolly Parton that let him use. -- no doubt about that brought -- to the biggest sell wards of the night Parcells go with entertainer of the year. The -- zero the year awards went to -- George George Strait. He had sixteen number one country hits he's been nominated 82 times the -- 122 times. It was obvious it was his turn to shine tonight with the biggest -- that night and he deserved it. Well loved by everybody generous man so everybody in the room somehow. During their career. And just sit very well deserved reward. And there's another big one from the night as well album on the -- Yes -- a wetsuit Blake Shelton based on his throwing his biggest selling. -- -- The -- you know it's one of the coaches on the police he's one of the most popular. Entertainers around because of the voice in this country career. Big winner tonight is one towards the -- -- and male vocalist of the year that's another big win for him. -- what that family's had a good night a big night for Blake's wife as well. Oh yeah ran younger and this is that. It's of the -- -- -- that MacIntyre and this is the fourth time in a row that blatantly and so you know they are Nashville's new power up -- You know -- -- -- they've -- -- -- for -- time they deserve those winds but we have to talk about Taylor Swift she -- the pinnacle award she's 23 years. -- You believe this the this is the 47 edition of the CMA cable the end of the pinnacle award. Once the court tonight it was to -- groups in 2005. Not even my work was. The third biggest selling recording artists of all time Beatles and Elvis Presley third. -- Taylor -- 23 wins the pinnacle award and you think OK if the album was very successful six million copies sold around world. -- one point five million concert tickets and she's touring globally using. What is going to happen when she turns thirty. He had been right now we are -- right. Good point let's talk about that real quick got to -- performance that may be totally brought down a house in your opinion. -- tear Jerker Alan Jackson and George -- tribute to George Johnson passed away earlier this year. Doing what his biggest songs he stopped loving her today which is a huge -- George Jones back in 1990 in 1980 that is. Oh -- it was -- tear Jerker social media release that those kinds of. I have -- -- one of the highlights of the evening went throughout the entire show was watching those two posts they are incredible. Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley it's like they're they were born to do -- -- amazing. The court incredible this -- sixth -- -- -- -- -- they are natural they're great stuff holds tremendous repairs to the Google to perform. And like I said. This shows on the -- of country music in the real -- bird it ever get -- Yeah. And I hope they are the -- And together comedic timing. -- I don't I don't think he's so much for joining us this morning. Thanks some time.

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{"id":20812726,"title":"Country Music Awards 2013: Winners, Performances, Highlights","duration":"3:44","description":"Music and media consultant Bruno del Granado has the best moments from the 47th annual CMA Awards.","url":"/WNN/video/country-music-awards-2013-winners-performances-highlights-20812726","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}