Crowds pay respect to a former president

Thousands gathered to bid George H.W. Bush a final farewell at the Capitol ahead of his state funeral. ABC News' Emily Rau reports.
2:42 | 12/05/18

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Transcript for Crowds pay respect to a former president
We'll read a turn now to the national day of mourning for former president George H. W. Bush. Dignitaries from around the world are set to gather. For a state funeral that just hours away from now the bush gambling made an unexpected return visit to the capitol last night placing their hands on the casket. And the lines outside of not let up even HUAM. Crowds were still waiting to pay their respects. Up to 2000 people and our have been pouring into the capitol rotunda it's amazing to see in all of this for a man who once went planning this moment. Question do with his typical humility. Whether anyone wouldn't come. It received annaly rallies their present Amelie it's quite clear that people did come and they came in some pretty impressive numbers. Maggie and truck good morning it really is pretty special it's not 35 degrees in Washington right now but that is not stopping thousands of people. From coming out standing in the cold for hours to get in line. And pay their respects on this national day of warning. The lines sneaking around the grounds of the capitol. Thousand eager to pay their respects to the 41 president Tuesday evening the bush family returning to the rotunda for a surprise visit to greet the public all day a steady stream of dignitaries sports icons in every day Americans like Caron Hansel burger. Grateful to President Bush for signing deed landmark Americans with disabilities act. If there's any president that I want to pay my respects do it. The manhunt cast and a lot of that insurers that I have seen premiums and Evelyn mount. In days poignant moment fellow World War II hero Bob Dole helped to his feet to deliver eight touching salute to his former political rival. Earlier in the day president trump and First Lady in the Lonnie stopping by Blair house where the bush family is staying to personally share their condolences. At the state funeral set for today at the national cathedral president trump will join all living presidents and first ladies. Along with a host of world leaders putting aside politics to honor a president and a patriarch. Before he makes his final journey home T Houston. President George W. Bush will eulogize his father at today's surveys in an interesting fact about selling this service dog that America has fallen in love went. While selling could be act that service in the cathedral today. He 'cause that Americans with disabilities act that the elder bush signed into law in 1990. Maggie throughout these certainly have fallen in love with Sally Hanley thank you so much. An ABC news will bring you live coverage of this morning state funeral beginning at 10 AM eastern on their hands on line.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Thousands gathered to bid George H.W. Bush a final farewell at the Capitol ahead of his state funeral. ABC News' Emily Rau reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59619127","title":"Crowds pay respect to a former president","url":"/WNN/video/crowds-pay-respect-president-59619127"}