Cyber Monday: The Dangers of Shopping Online

Beware of fake websites and unsafe apps on this popular shopping day!
1:46 | 11/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cyber Monday: The Dangers of Shopping Online
More people shopped online this year than in stories and millions more will follow today on Cyber Monday I am while millions of bargain hunters. Let their fingers do the walking and dragging and clicking their way to deep discounts. Deep in the background are many fronts are soaring market. With its customers shopping online spending billions of dollars it's only natural that con artists are dear as well. One recent survey found 11100 malicious web sites posing. As the five leading e-commerce sites on Black Friday in 2015. And went searching Black Friday in the App Store. One in ten mobile apps proved unsafe for use. He's clerks not only taking your money Nell they'll keep taking it. Identity theft is the biggest property crime in the United States any it is. High tech low tech no tech experts with market want to say you shouldn't attempt to open a link in an email message instead type the name of the retailer into the address bar yourself. And the website doesn't look professional it's probably a fake and he should not continue shopping. They also advise creating unique user names and passwords for each site. Making an example let's make it easier to figure out. Always hardly hacking when he's a same password for everything Carol L. Experts suggest monitor your bank account with an eye for purchases didn't make don't bother shopping on public Wi-Fi. Wait until your home more user mobile devices data plan and use it to step authentication if the Mercer golfers it. The site will then send a code before it lets you finish logging on. It is so easy to steal an identity and it's so difficult to fix it. That was our own kin this Gibson with some really good advice yes.

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"Beware of fake websites and unsafe apps on this popular shopping day!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"43817155","title":"Cyber Monday: The Dangers of Shopping Online","url":"/WNN/video/cyber-monday-dangers-shopping-online-43817155"}