Cyprus Financial Crisis Worries Global Markets

ABC News' Nick Schifrin reports from Cyprus where worry and anger is rampant.
1:55 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Cyprus Financial Crisis Worries Global Markets
Global worries stemming from that financial crisis in the Mediterranean nation of Cyprus that's stocks sliding across Asia this morning and it was a major reason for the -- ninety point -- yesterday BC's nick Sheppard is in Cyprus will worry and anger is rampant. Cyprus is nearly broke. And social fabric. He's beginning to ten bank workers worried about their future blocked access to parliament lawmakers had to be lifted over the barricades. Outside the banks. The lines -- long. Customers. Worry you don't -- -- -- Something debates haven't opened for seven days to Cyprus is becoming a cash society. And yet it's hard to get cash from -- -- -- no -- -- nothing. So what -- they didn't. -- -- -- Increasingly this -- happen. But what happened. There isn't London and that I couldn't get the money then -- problem. That's the night here and so many are facing got a problem with this bank -- we walked with her to the next. And psychologically. How much of an impact. This -- and it's luckily she got cash. They're -- they're like a relief. Since its. Unfortunately our lives to -- for the moms face. Her life and her daughters but so many young Cypriot she lost her job so she's moved back home. I'm -- -- he's going to be -- -- The show and people are -- last week. Nothing the politicians need to secure a twenty billion dollar loan to save the country. There's no bailout by Monday. These banks may never reopen. Picture for an ABC news Nicosia. Cyprus.

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{"id":18788054,"title":"Cyprus Financial Crisis Worries Global Markets","duration":"1:55","description":"ABC News' Nick Schifrin reports from Cyprus where worry and anger is rampant.","url":"/WNN/video/cyprus-financial-crisis-worries-global-markets-18788054","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}