Dad Sends Kids Flying

Viral photos simulate flight for three kids
2:48 | 10/31/13

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Transcript for Dad Sends Kids Flying
Marvelous. We won't do you have. -- -- Let's get started its next time everybody and we got some fun stuff to show you including and -- news. Consultant -- data out war songwriting he puts his kids in these -- It's really look like they're flying. And iconic movie character so here they are in the movie Superman you've got three little ones. The next one up as Star Wars there used did we have seen the little engine yet it is it is coming your the second Harry Potter is up next. This is the greatest -- even thinks this is holding the baby. That caring about getting there and the very last line is Peter Patton and day. Look -- -- many high yeah. Spielberg did someone just -- -- would -- continue to. You keep it secret by the way is a tripod -- on the camera leaf blower and lots of photo shots and he -- -- hits us in the -- blowing. It's and then he photo shots and stuff out of the whole thing that's it looks great enough. And -- war on credit you know the grinch stole Christmas of SARS -- -- the grinch that stole Halloween concert in this one. -- go to a woman's house. Getting a little sealed envelope confidential putting your bag don't know what it is you get home -- read -- and it's you find out that it says are overweight. This is exactly what might be happening. Today in Fargo, North Dakota a woman called -- to a radio station their white night before and said that she doesn't plan to give -- Halloween candy to all the children coming door to door. She says -- they're overweight they're gonna get sealed letters. -- that they are obese. You know like it's Halloween. Yeah. Just not answer the door and I. -- Born -- -- here the parent. -- I really. Overweight I think it's really irresponsible. Apparent. Have a certain about Republicans are free -- -- as good -- the other -- interior. I -- well I agree with the idea that we should all be healthy but not on Halloween day holiday and don't make kids feel that -- -- -- -- -- this -- -- I wish I was twelve again and -- tell us. Check it out want to show you another series of pictures this is the guy was an artifact a blogger for the Detroit Free Press is name is Eric Milledge can. These are creations of different kind of monsters throughout the time Perry who he does this by rearranging unwrapped candy there's Frankenstein and let's take a look at Freddie Krueger. And in hear them. Don't be revenues candy wrappers on radical population -- yet Jason bride of Frankenstein Dracula. -- -- That's pretty great bat looks at me and me it's.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Viral photos simulate flight for three kids","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"20737196","title":"Dad Sends Kids Flying","url":"/WNN/video/dad-sends-kids-flying-20737196"}