Dancing Baby Burns Up the Web

This cute toddler is seen squatting and shaking to the music in this viral video.
2:29 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Dancing Baby Burns Up the Web
Yeah. -- -- love this next video from the country South Korea that brought us -- style could this be the follow up to that big smash hit play and viral. It's a baby she's dancing and she's -- take -- -- They got a nation. Of about talking to watch ago in the -- that. Yeah. Yeah. That would call -- -- at all. Yeah. Her brother John vause live now she's the star of the -- I wish I knew her name but it's to viral video that's the best I can do that. Yeah it is true Q okay I've got what Graham. Safari park and moved in -- of all places. -- drops -- camera around the elephants get back later. Is -- helping get back. And healthy athlete and let myself think they picked that thing up with a big old truck and hit the click -- somehow that is that yeah. -- -- Totally went off the cat and continuing -- healthy. I -- my FaceBook -- LA -- -- that allowed fifteen -- -- that was once good bids just loaded with all kinds of moon. Yeah like they'll shoot the messenger the cat lover. Hours are apparently smarter. Then dog lovers according to a new study the study by Carroll university Wisconsin found that cat owners scored more highly on intelligence tests. -- the dog office and it also found that more sensitive to. I didn't write this so dog lovers -- tend to be more energetic more outgoing more rule abiding. Mean one psychologists believe that the reason for the personality differences may be -- the types of environments and the Federal Reserve wants you. But that is very interest thing I think -- -- in here also that they did test on the actual -- And it found that cats will more intelligent on tests. -- dogs I find this very hard to romance about people what it like captain got Smart. -- -- and it fell about 60% of people actually identify themselves as dog people. Dog owners are more energetic more energetic but -- -- apparently according to the luckily folks it's -- universities. Ticket but what's.

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{"id":23953802,"title":"Dancing Baby Burns Up the Web","duration":"2:29","description":"This cute toddler is seen squatting and shaking to the music in this viral video.","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-baby-internet-hit-23953802","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}