Dancing With The Stars Season 22 Week 6 Recap

The remaining contestants replicated some of the most famous dances from music videos and movies.
3:54 | 04/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dancing With The Stars Season 22 Week 6 Recap
Time now for the kiddie and topping our headline this morning it was famous dances night on Dancing With The Stars like as in kicking it all off Kim field working to an ankle injury by the way keep that in mind did you watch this. She was doing her best Tracy turned left from here is great. Scored a 24 out of thirty if she added ankle injury what did she do a good job of making up. Powered through there lose next UFC fighter page bands that killed him with mark ballots in an ex and wreck just sixties Cadillac. Had of course been acting as well. Acting like I think. Of course that's more than a 28 including a ten from judge Len Goodman didn't get that that very easily that can also benefit from them. There I'll act and figure out hit a professional dancer. Competitor when you hear that it is like watching this for the next twenty minutes amazing I love Boston. Fayed dodi's sweetened by the way also working to a foot injury only nibbled off foot injury. Dinner to impersonate her interpretation of things music video trying. Scoring a 25 know what you think of us. Back at Kevin did a good data from the dancing with the whole thing it's you know little time and again. I'm not out DeMarco danced the quickstep to the famous dance from mask wearing and not only evicting kind of mess that can carry war but also the heat. He wore free vetting team while I think again. They also sports morning the judges loved the performance but they'd send it wasn't as clean as they wouldn't let kids that actually makes me feel impressive Jim Carrey. Coliseum on this debate. Next door oh did Jersey losing with attitude Janet Jackson's. Nasty. Habit carried out however says she almost it's almost owned it. I'll have to let that it lacked that dean Reynolds said he didn't quite take it to the next level seen about a quarter point four what do you think about that. Submitted did also say she was very well rehearsed striking him every single move it is that's didn't have as much attitude as it Janet Jackson but that's really hard news. Is Janet Jackson. You know that's like saying well you worked quite Michael Jackson or friends like. Clouds could count I think having the I didn't your profit taking an honest into the really hard density and very iconic and again involve a lot of attitude I thought you know. But by far the standout performance of the night winds have boys to men and winding wars of his energetic jazz rendition of and things like bag back. Now not only did he wowed the judges but he impressed in things homeland Batman though it is done. We're waiting in the wings back stage one game Lindsay got the night comScore. Tonight on her and. Getting a low score of the night and the boot underdog Doug Flutie who dance Bollywood witnessed. Partner Arenas near and off. In what ironically turned out to be his best dance of the season thumb for a guy that famous job title. Next to the Hollywood hunk couldn't get it back on the market. You know it's official when someone does that they deleted girlfriends pick he believes is girlfriends picks was against the river town and in its bid that's just what does that guy from. Has reportedly done after nearly two years with his girlfriend model Cindy Niro and even stopped following harm. Humble is too grand and twin that's bid the grand auto giving hadn't deleting pictures of him. Cool. And distant and work schedules got in the way but he reportedly hopes they can remain friends. Palin remained friends if you're doing knicks took it can't. Friends on pays but how can you be friends. And realize I feel like that's what a guy's as a girl when he's like doesn't kick. Yet we're gonna be friends find she's like the crying hysterically but how did you does know who were friends finds time I bet she's over our added a. Watch that she's done via.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"The remaining contestants replicated some of the most famous dances from music videos and movies. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38671471","title":"Dancing With The Stars Season 22 Week 6 Recap","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-stars-season-22-week-recap-38671471"}