Daredevil Dog in New York

Firefighters rescue a dog from the ledge of a building.
2:53 | 07/15/13

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Transcript for Daredevil Dog in New York
Welcome to the -- everybody -- got a daredevil got to tell you about this -- happening right here in our own backyard New York. This is actually kind of Q when you see the pictures so there's apparently is docile pitch wiggle his way onto a -- And then got startled when he realized he couldn't get back inside the apartment that he had wiggle his way out of so -- -- concede the right behind him there is what is apparently like a child window guard. So anyway here's a fire tiger because -- -- you go where they got us -- try to get the dogs shrines by offering him for some water that was like the you're gonna have to give -- one -- I don't know I don't know if the pets then I changed a little bit he gave and train fatally shot and that -- -- out of back into the down to safety we'll chat chat is doing just fine no love dogs name but yeah. I'm -- I changes into the lucky lucky you can tell the debate about evaluating. We have this now from that doesn't deadly house fire in Arizona that took the -- of nineteen firefighters just a while back. This is really cool this is story of Larry and patty McCracken they've been married for fifteen. -- now they were on vacation when the fires hit so that was good for them that they were we're home. Unfortunately they lost their home they lost all their possessions as well now in the rubble. Going through the rubble -- the McCracken his daughter. Started searching for mom's wedding ring which she hadn't been aware hadn't been as she didn't take on vacation she left in the house. And they found it. Amid all the rubble they just reached -- and they grabbed it sold the daughter thinking really quick kind of pizza and hey dad what chest -- to marry you. And mom said it. Yes she said we hugged we kissed I said yes I haven't taken the ring off since I don't think she's never taken off again I don't think there's a chance that she will. I think everything it's such a great story. I love story that and like that I also love story that and like this so we tell you about. Criminals all the time. Dumb criminals happened to be my favorite -- -- because they always get caught up at a -- here's a robbery suspect who was arrested because. -- local police department decided to add a program called fugitive that the fugitive of the -- they've posted his picture on FaceBook on the police departments. And web site to count. Gotten heat decided that after seeing his picture and his -- -- what he was wanted for that he would start commenting on underneath his picture he saw his all of -- face on FaceBook and started commenting at. And then started commenting underneath his picture yourself. I'm -- anyone get. Yeah. Say that lets say. Active the less than a day for them to eat many. Signing to him he was probably not even trying to hide I don't think he was that he was hiding in planes and -- all that is that the best way to putting -- -- -- criminals. There you have it.

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{"id":19665997,"title":"Daredevil Dog in New York","duration":"2:53","description":"Firefighters rescue a dog from the ledge of a building.","url":"/WNN/video/daredevil-dog-york-19665997","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}