Deadly Attack at a Pakistan University

Several gunmen opened fire in an deadly attack at Bacha Khan University in Pakistan.
1:55 | 01/20/16

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Transcript for Deadly Attack at a Pakistan University
Good morning I'm Reid and I and internships with a top stories on this Wednesday January 20 letter to start overseas a terrorist attack. At a university in Pakistan has left more than a dozen people dead. Many people have been killed as police and the attackers exchanged gun fires including students university staff as well and at least one protests were told. With more than fifty others were. A university is located about twenty miles from the tower where a similar attack in 2014. Left more than a hundred people tend. Here at home Donald Trump has been given an even major boost from former. Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. She's thrown her support behind him Hilan chastise Republican establishment of quote attacking their own front runner to be joining trump on the campaign trail today. Think I'm Hillary Clinton is apparently getting a little desperate for the latest poll numbers from New Hampshire show Bernie Sanders crushing her by 27 points. Clinton has now issued an admission to supporters that vote there's a real possibility we could lose those contests. Don't mess with this mama and Florida to would be carjackers tried to jump into the suvs behind that red card gas station but the driver locks the doors. That they try to steal that red carpeted Feinberg yanks about her two kids were in the back seat the two men and a woman were arrested actually. Time late and meet Richards man he's in the front Saint Paul, Minnesota he's a 101 years old. He's shoveling his neighbor's sidewalk man says his neighbor usually shovels his sidewalk but this time. His neighbors out of town felt it was during the return and he says. You can use the exercise Padilla heads he takes it slowly. And easy to add mr. Mann act of gravity here yeah couple Coke or something went to the one years old he looks good enough of an armed. Get more news any time an ABC news archives canisters submarine and a and an eclectic.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Several gunmen opened fire in an deadly attack at Bacha Khan University in Pakistan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36392861","title":"Deadly Attack at a Pakistan University","url":"/WNN/video/deadly-attack-pakistan-university-36392861"}