Deaf Parents Receive Special Holiday Gift

A 5-year-old surprises her deaf parents by signing entire school holiday concert.
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Transcript for Deaf Parents Receive Special Holiday Gift
How appropriate -- there's even talk about sign language or weakness and the guy it's McDonald's funeral -- -- is -- just doing anything in not making any sense. He get a gotten some lessons from this five year old mayor Claire. Koch whose parents. She surprised at all by doing. Holiday concert. Water own signings so they can enjoy the suns' ticket. Security -- I'm very good. -- the blown away five years old -- Koch -- So you are here's another one of us heartwarming -- this -- -- to do with an athlete so we. This is name is -- Melanie place for the Memphis Grizzlies he says that he -- healed you'll see here in the second he lives. -- up canisters young whenever he talked to special needs child and he's on sand from the channel passing for a New Jersey without thinking about it for a second. Pulled out heads into the little flying through. Soft the vacancy in the -- They're talking about this as you watch the video little earlier than having no idea of the incredible thing that he had just under that dial and don't really good PR -- -- -- -- life. And genuine and way to -- for him right Jennifer have lost hope that coming up. -- -- An example. And then boom boom boom boom and simple politics and Ryan Malone all the weather and other scholars think -- -- -- news pentagon. Businesses Kentucky -- is happy song couples telephone that's the only news ago. I'm hit man let you know -- LA yeah. Soon found that -- now and everybody dancing hasn't done the pound and the anger and I am doubtful due. Not. Incentives and insomnia when he thinks that his sentencing plus -- news. And yeah hasn't -- been staying in the attack on your TV we'll do. Knows I don't know. Let's not cameo that night but that's okay because. -- and to Santa Clara. A bumpy -- since nine vehicles yeah. Thanks and to me that he's though none this. We really zoos a hands -- yeah that's done that every day. Asked why it is bringing you all gay and saying that bringing -- yeah. -- -- -- Ms. -- -- meaningful game go wow this odd. -- -- do. -- -- --

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{"id":21204402,"title":"Deaf Parents Receive Special Holiday Gift","duration":"3:00","description":"A 5-year-old surprises her deaf parents by signing entire school holiday concert.","url":"/WNN/video/deaf-parents-receive-special-holiday-gift-21204402","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}