Deep Freeze Delivers Cold Temperatures

ABC News' Tahman Bradley explains why the dangerous winter weather continues.
1:55 | 01/25/13

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Transcript for Deep Freeze Delivers Cold Temperatures
The unbearable deep freeze menacing millions of Americans is delivering yet another day of biting cold temperatures. As the dangerous winter weather blows into the east and south you can now add more snow and ice. Into the frigid mix and ABC's -- -- Bradley has the latest. This morning the Arctic air that's making life miserable for millions as marching south. In Huntsville Alabama salt trucks are standing by the city braces for an ice storm. They're also prepping around Knoxville Tennessee. -- we expect in the works I -- you always expect the worst while the midwest and northeast remain frozen. Got that funny -- it's not. Body -- -- can't promise promise a new round of ice and snow is bearing down on fifteen states from Ohio to Alabama. This cold blast which is already taken over a third of the country is dangerous but -- firefighters and Chicago had to battle yet. That's burning ice. Conditions were much better for firemen and Lawrence Massachusetts it's tough because of -- -- are frozen hydrants frozen lines. Is Salt Lake City a plane slid off this icy runway forcing officials to close the airport. Conditions will slow commuting -- major hubs today at least eleven cities from Raleigh to Atlanta to Chicago to Seattle will have delays. Roads are also -- -- icy conditions continue to cause major accidents we can't respond as efficiently. As we would. You know in the summertime. But so does -- some some obstacles. Newark, New Jersey rescue officials got an assist from the city's mayor Cory Booker who apparently moonlight is a superhero. Last year Booker rescued a woman from a fire this time he saved the dog stranded in the cold but you just can't -- -- -- -- our -- this go away. There's a bit of good news for frozen Americans milder weather is forecast to return to the midwest south and northeast next week. Although it may be brief. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18311286,"title":"Deep Freeze Delivers Cold Temperatures","duration":"1:55","description":"ABC News' Tahman Bradley explains why the dangerous winter weather continues.","url":"/WNN/video/deep-freeze-delivers-cold-temperatures-18311286","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}