Democratic debate recap

While ten of the top Democratic presidential candidates sparred over healthcare, taxes and foreign policy, they all agreed on impeaching President Trump. ABC News’ Trevor Ault reports.
2:40 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Democratic debate recap
Now to the big debate in Atlanta the Democrats running for president facing often clashing over health care foreign policy and taxes. But ABC's Trevor all reports all ten candidates did agree on one thing. After the historic day of impeachment proceedings in Washington ten of the top democratic presidential candidates far. Over who deserves to challenge president trump we cannot. Simply be consumed the boy Donald Trump. They got tips we all know what we're gonna lose the election the candidates largely agreed on impeaching the president we have two established. A principle no one is above the law it is a criminal enterprise. Engaged in by the president from what we heard today the vice president the secretary of state and the chief of staff Donald Trump doesn't want me to be the nominee. That's pretty clear former Vice President Biden was asked if he would support a criminal investigation of trump at. After he leaves office look I would not direct more Justice Department like this president does. I'd let them make their independent judgment there was plenty of disagreement on other issues including the legalization of marijuana this week I hear her little race say. I don't think we should legalize marijuana I. I thought you might it hard when you said. And the candidates once again clashed on health care. The reason I insist on Medicare for all who wanted as the strategy to deliver on that goal we share of universal health care. Is that that is something that has a governing strategy we can unify the American people around the fact is that right now. Vast majority Democrats do not support Medicare for all it couldn't pass he Wednesday's senate. Right now won't we but bite. He's getting the most attention for his gaffe when talking about his support from senator Carol Moseley brawn. Saying the only black woman ever elected to the US senate endorses him. He said that with senator coddling terrorists standing just feet away from they're only about black African American woman who never got elected. To the United States senate a whole range of people nine point oh true they are true. Biden clarified that he meant to say broad was the first. Black woman to be elected to the senate. Look the four vice president team is gonna say that he often has slips of the tongue and enjoy is really strong support an African American community. But this as a moment in the campaign but the former vice president needs to be ex chanting his base. His numbers look plus a been a little stagnant and he needs to be growing support. This may have been the last time on stage for some of the candidates only six of the ten at qualified for the next debate happening next month. Try overall ABC news Atlanta.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"While ten of the top Democratic presidential candidates sparred over healthcare, taxes and foreign policy, they all agreed on impeaching President Trump. ABC News’ Trevor Ault reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67193863","title":"Democratic debate recap","url":"/WNN/video/democratic-debate-recap-67193863"}