Third Democratic debate: Top moments

The gloves came off as top presidential candidates gathered on the same stage for the first time. ABC News’ Serena Marshall reports.
3:55 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Third Democratic debate: Top moments
We begin with a big debate in Houston the top Democrats gathered on the same stage for the first time. Everyone was waiting to see if Elizabeth Warren would attack Joseph Biden's that moment never came but there were plenty of other confrontations on stage of the question now is will it matter did anything shake up the race. ABC's during a martial begins our coverage she is -- the debate how the last woman standing there if you censoring if you've got the highlights good morning. Then they will look good morning to but he doubling the last one standing army to the first one to O'Brien but we. You look at this debate the one thing these candidates could agree on but that they want to see Donald Trump out of the White House. A single night of debates. Polish roster yet and for the most part the punch as it is not leaning on each other on the president's. One of the night's biggest moments when better who owns work was asked are you. Faber of confiscating guns yes we're gonna take your AR fifteen your AK forty. When it comes to gun control commonly Harris lasted president trump claiming he credible in the recent shootings in El Paso. I mean obviously he and pulled the trigger but. He's certainly been tweet happy and mean this. Early in the debate former vice president Joseph Biden's closest competitors. Avoided attacking the front runner except for Cooley on Castro. I'm fulfilling fulfilling the legacy of Barack Obama and you're not 44 year old Texan he would touch on concerns about it I didn't eight which he accused the 76 year old yours forgetting DTL about his own health care what can. Not have to find you just said that he'd just say that two minutes ago. You just said two minutes ago that they would have to buy in order you said they would have to rely had a quiet if I qualify you for getting what you enigmatic period. Well that moment quickly went viral it appears Castro was the one who got a wrong because by and did not appear to say that people would have to opt in to his plan. Here's but he really sad anyone who can afford it kids automatically enrolled in night in the in the Medicare type option we have as. Biden who's in favor of improving on obamacare sit his opponent's plans for Medicare for all is just too expensive. My plan for health care cost a lot of money. It cost 71240. Billion dollars. It doesn't cost thirty. Trillion dollars. Coming to Medicare brawls offense Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren arguing the cost will not be felt by the middle class how do we pay for. We pay for those at the very top the richest individuals and the biggest corporations. Are going to pay more. And middle class families are going to pay less. Late in the debate by and taking some punches a standard blasted him on the war in Iraq saying he was right and biting and was wrong one of the big differences between you may I never believed what Cheney and bush said about Iraq. But war in Iraq. And helped lead the opposition Andrew Yang who's into the recent surge in popularity made his surprise offer during his opening remarks and it entrepreneur saying his campaign will completely collapsed and gambling is give them each 121000 dollars over the next year. All part of Jiang's universal base sticking come plan. Cut to working for us again the American people already there's questions being raised about whether that offer violates federal election law. The charm campaign pouncing this morning. Saying Angus wrote openly buying votes in the debate is a whole offered nothing new adding president trump will dominate any of them. Now another nominee got a lot of people talking was when Joseph Biden send people home should leap the record player on so kids can hear more words apparently. Part of its pitch to address racial and equality and they education system. To name well certainly have some people talking on Porter street in Marshall there in Houston that you for joining us this morning.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"The gloves came off as top presidential candidates gathered on the same stage for the first time. ABC News’ Serena Marshall reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65590045","title":"Third Democratic debate: Top moments","url":"/WNN/video/democratic-debate-top-moments-65590045"}