'As Seen on TV' Products That Work

Our titan of technology, Dick DeBartolo, tells us if those “as seen on TV” products are good enough to bring home.
4:16 | 11/04/14

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Transcript for 'As Seen on TV' Products That Work
We know there's a lot of stuff out there for you see on TV but when you hear the phrase. As seen on TV you prepare yourself you know about this is some really cool and usually you say did so why did not think of that. Well are there is where is Dick DeBartolo from quit dot TV here with some of his favorite items hello to you these are your favorite eye pleasing all these. Things that depending on the price. Do work. If any it would rider program and then a couple of a couple of warnings OK we've seen this personal pocket though did everything pocket hotel home run a little bit of video so pocket -- you hook it up to this ballot. The whole post ought expanding very quickly. It can go to fifty feet they make a 25 a fifty foot. 175. Foot version narrated suddenly it's a fifty foot hose. There when you shut the water off it will staunch shrinking again. You'll never get it back in this package if it. It does take up very little space the problem is I got one season out of mind and one of the ends broke but walking through CBS. I think this new pocket hodes. Three times stronger. And it shows a different fitting so they've improved when you say it does it is it does give small restored won't get that small not do is good yes absolutely about twenty blocks. This is kinda need to go go pillow. Senegal though Pelham peg on the airplane put this on your snack tray can hold up your tablet. About bout at ten. But at ten point one inches the most this is a Samsung tablet. Then what you do is it converts to travel pillow OK there were no instructions but I think meted out to you open the zipper. You take out the rabid New Year's cultivate this the gun could you turn this upside down. They're all big east and he has a little beads OK let go down menu rolled the big opera. And I stick to bag into the top. Fans that you zip it close I won't go all I won't blow this thing it but literally. Okay this kidnapping and nothing good ever. There is a word yes I counted at staples for ten dollars. So that was not did okay in order to recommend don't go lower pillow all right complicated. In simple enough to magic cap the magic tactic really the magic how tried to batteries going here I was disappointed when I got it wanted to do not use with so it OK I'll put the object is. Big bottles of juice or milk. You leave the bottle in the refrigerator and then a kid or someone who map might have bought from rightist holds the glass up to with a Philip. I'll save you some grief. Don't hold the glass like this it was shoot the Jews still would ever strayed over the top of the blank productions and now I know I found that out but then when you do it like this works that this is not did okay again. This I got on Amazon I think that paid twelve blocks that you sit up north that's worth that door that's all right. Lastly hit the old working lands and they advertise it as. Lighting the entire roof to my mind it did not light my entire room put for a camping trip or something like that. This is not dead as a little rheostat uses LEDs. And they never mentioned batteries in the commercial runs on two. 999. That was not there a couple in bed as the last you for a little while it will be happy birthday LEDs and in an emergency it certainly better than nothing. Okay but not delighted city with a good. Get like that tiny. What do you do at least recommend LIE that page four are all art to my mind the best of as seen on general David. I guess I like pocket knows that you know I seen on TV. Every all of these are in stores you don't have to order them on TV but it is good to have you thanks so let's a lot of people who see news on TV season gift ideas for the holidays. Dick you can argue about more details about the is gadget Dick website it. At that did win that big is Michigan that Iraq is FaceBook we have bay affiliated fans dot com. You're watching world news now. Sure yeah.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Our titan of technology, Dick DeBartolo, tells us if those “as seen on TV” products are good enough to bring home. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26674767","title":"'As Seen on TV' Products That Work","url":"/WNN/video/dick-debartolos-picks-tv-products-work-26674767"}