Digital Learning Day 2021

ABC's Will Ganss talks to TikTok’s star teacher MacKenzie Adams.
2:23 | 02/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Digital Learning Day 2021
Great being. Let Internet like your own unborn me. By the looks of it McKenzie Adams has this whole digital teaching Dane down. More than fourteen point three million tick Tucker's watching this video but like so many teachers today no. The zone classroom isn't as easy as ABC. As Glenn acting at raises its hands. I don't show me your paper and instead he is completely rolled up his knee and hats and any I'm artwork picture on his arm. Marker. Ms. Adams in her thirty year teaching does her best to help or students avoid the dreaded zoom fatigue. Is this secret. Honestly a lot of copy. Lately axial strain today yeah. I am a copy every morning little caffeine but more so a commitment to hurt Kato's. Lunches and we got showing I'll meet you break out around. From hold some students really putting the show in to show in town. I terror or pig at. He could get ready computers not on duty in the class. And hanging out reading screen despite it's difficulties MacKenzie remains focused on the positive a digital learning. Shy students doing really well it whole. They actually come out of their shell a bit more and raised there and it was great scene and cut up a lot. What is that moment gonna be like whenever you're able finally shot a laptop. And welcome your kid was acting class and what exactly dealing. Being able to come back in purse and noble people happy tears. Happy tears for server Kenzie says she's always wanted to be a teacher she gave lessons to her stuffed animals her little brother going up. As it comes from a family of teachers but specially this year we paid teachers like MacKenzie at her family at all those educators working overtime. To inspire young minds you guys. A man to know that yes those educators they been able to adapt. I'm not surprised at all and we have an apple clear performance Dickensian all the TD there I don't take a bite out of that Apple's favor for them. You're well you're right you're right back all right they are three story.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"ABC's Will Ganss talks to TikTok’s star teacher MacKenzie Adams.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76105004","title":"Digital Learning Day 2021","url":"/WNN/video/digital-learning-day-2021-76105004"}