Dion Leonard Reunites With Gobi the Lost 'Marathon' Dog

The distance runner finally brought home the pooch after she ran away from caretakers.
2:58 | 08/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dion Leonard Reunites With Gobi the Lost 'Marathon' Dog
Time now for the mix of different things up with a heart warming story about men and man's best friend night Cindy Leonard is an Australian ultra marathon or and he went to the Gobi Desert didn't you. Broad enough to merit done. I hate Fannie had an unexpected companion. The dove which he named go because they were in the Gobi Desert followed him the whole way but than gold leave ran away. Before my fine him a home. So he put up this go funny campaign tried everything he could to help locate this. And guess who not only can get out on her list here they are reunited with culinary that half best friends Gobi. Wow. And there and like you see keeping Kobe you're happily ever after hurricane while. So happily ever after this tiny hamster. Broke his arm. But as winning the Internet you have to take a look at the wheel I heard exactly how I got a look at this photo. Since its super cute photo was posted on credit broke its Armand was brought into vets office. It was taking care of and given problem with the world's tiniest. Thinks he has dispatched at masking tape giving it. I have something along with smoke and you really don't think you know he's scared for the dire the owners say the insurance covered everything fixing their habit of all the. Medical across my neighborhood so that she luster hamsters in Italy but two years ago that it did the math and realized after probably wasn't. Yes that takes off that he thinks this agreement. Right over to the latest trend on instant Gramm's you might just this hash tag going around it's called now polish. Because now pilots apparently is not just for ladies and guts anymore ladies and gentlemen course not. Men are finally putting the man back in medics UI ha. With this new trend I think it's a trend that we can get behind yeah you're a fan and I detest it out and we see Heidi film this kind of feel like the way more masculine I don't. I don't know that I like that you're now they're nice and they are prepared nineties but the candlelight them they were so much trouble getting these things on. You know you my friend have already experienced within five seconds of having the elderly men. They literally I can't say I just broke and now I'm hurt he broke support that Everett but here come out of business. Brokaw's but federated visa we hang up further debate on to something a little bit more delicious may did not. The great Canadian catch up cake. A recipe appeared on the back of Canadian Heinz Ketchup. About outside. Some Canadian Greg nettles decided to make it and tracked with some friends pretty well some of the sprint say sweet. And moist. And who have been this sense of carrot cake. What's at middle words. Fall at.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"The distance runner finally brought home the pooch after she ran away from caretakers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41713396","title":"Dion Leonard Reunites With Gobi the Lost 'Marathon' Dog","url":"/WNN/video/dion-leonard-reunites-gobi-lost-marathon-dog-41713396"}