A Discussion Of Faith

ABC's TJ Holmes talks with Father Dave Dwyer about the Pope's holiday message from the Vatican.
5:02 | 12/25/14

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Transcript for A Discussion Of Faith
Between them. Opel Francis is delivering his annual Christmas message this morning just hours after sending a special special message to some Iraqis. And Francis celebrated late night mass in saint Peter's basilica. That followed a call to those Iraqi Christians and a refugee camp who. He told to stay strong despite their dire circumstances. TJ Holmes is here with some Christmas reflection. After weeks of stressful shopping running round traveling the big day finally here so we want to wish you all Merry Christmas and take some time sit back and enjoy today and remember what it's. Really all about joining us now with father Dave who argued the host of the busted halo show on series excellence Catholic channel. Thanks to big asset without what the day it's all about the Internet poll Americans hope when they say Christmas and don't let up. I think they might actually get in the word given the period which is good that's other centered a beginning I really don't I don't tend to jump on the whole. War on Christmas thing and yes there's plenty of commercials and all that but also I've been hum and Christmas. Sparrows and seeing people giving it means the time via the people are giving in service and giving him charitable dollars. There's a lot of good that happened this time here despite all the prisoners a lot of good but is it fair to say it's not too much of it is departure to say in this country at least. Christmas isn't necessarily a religious full day. Right the content a bright and and even for many folks that happened the day's lineup for the kids are off from school. It can tend to be the vacation a family vacation and maybe we'll squeeze in I've won here actually did. A chapel and on a cruise ship UCL these generals over Christmas about coming you have British American town like this. So you're right that it does I think so many people even if they just think about it. This one time year I mean big business that I men and I love it when people show when time here is that I think it puts it on us. I think this is our time to get about this is your Super Bowl would do this and that's what did this is an opportunity for you to do what. I would say honestly it put it puts it in our court did this for us as church whether it's my Catholic Church or any other church. That we know for a fact that there's going to be people in our views on this one day. Better not there the rest of the year so we could sit back on our laurels there will they should really come to us or we'd say I don't make this so worthwhile that you're gonna want to come back next week. That's that's what I think it does remain hope Francis know. Did in he went on but this is the Super Bowl to continue to shine but he is eight million a year around this kind of champion that you gotta have out there and some of the folks you might try to reach around christmastime he's reaching them year round how big of a deal has he been so either he's the Peyton Manning right now there's nothing serious I mean it is. Taking care of it. I think that. One of the biggest. Impacts that he has is that he just seems so real and so genuine and and a lot more like what people might imagine. Jesus would do I remember when I was growing up when Ozal bracelets that said what would Jesus do. And when we look at Pope Francis we see him actually wanting to be with the poor. And kind of issue a lot of the trappings of office worse because he's ahead of state or that the papers his kind of modeled after a monarchy. He wants to just leave pulled up behind and be with the people he seems happy guest nodded I was not even joins up they're celebrating mass but when he's. Down there with the people in Saint Peter's Square kiss him on the forehead and I would have Matt I don't imagine I mean I believe that that is what Jesus was like that's what he was don't. Listening here there's been a lot of it has always. Tension. In some way or another around this country around the world here. Whether it's in politics frankly and physical war Nam and just wore the boards of being tossed around in most recent we've seen. The demonstrations in the streets and there's just been a tension in Italian to decide against that side so many ways give us some words of encouragement to go forward. And terms of finding peace peace with each other and just something encouraging you can give us looking in between fifteen. Now as we try to heal in a lot of ways what. What happens in a few days we celebrate on today we celebrate the birth of Jesus and a few days. Many Christian traditions have the epiphany which is when people came. From different countries from all around the world and they're typically at least in in traditional art depicted as different races coming together and all gathering around. This one event. And setting presumably setting differences aside and because here is the king of kings and here is. In whom we can have hope. So I believe this time here is a back out. Us coming together as humanity because this is what happened god became human for all the human rights so we are in the body of the baby Jesus. But for all of humanity god deign to give us the divinity. And so I think we have a responsibility to live up to that. All right people aren't good words. When I get when he fifteen good to see you've got a pleasant but again this oh date why from the Boston. Halo still love that name by the way you can hear you know Monday through Friday soon PM to 10 o'clock eastern again after our visit today Sam Tuttle one. When he nicely with us here you watching world news now.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"ABC's TJ Holmes talks with Father Dave Dwyer about the Pope's holiday message from the Vatican. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27825177","title":"A Discussion Of Faith","url":"/WNN/video/discussion-faith-27825177"}