Dog Saves Homeowner From Fire

A Philadelphia woman is lucky to be alive thanks to her loyal companion "Che," who laid on top of her during a house fire, protecting her from the flames.
2:36 | 10/26/16

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Transcript for Dog Saves Homeowner From Fire
Pain. Pain. Irate NB get. Heroes says you know can come in all shapes sizes species. As were about to see. ABC's will again has that and more in his newest addition of two truths and a white well good morning still. Good. Morning you to our first truth will warm the hearts of dog owners everywhere a beloved family pooch to the rescue. Neighbors on this close knit Philadelphia street were awakened recently by a barking dog its owner's home completely engulfed in flames firefighters. Rushed to the scene to find Audrey a blue lot at conscious. For loyal dog stay on top of her as flames raced all around. She suffered burns and is now recovering and Che is also on the man's neighbors are calling him a hero. We think so too I think he deserves an extra poll this week. And Halloween is less than a week away and if you're looking for a costume inspiration. Do you get a call ghost busters. At least that's what 18 year old in California did take a look at Jeremy Miller's amazing act one Halloween cost him. Built by his dad ride. Jeremy it's been in a wheelchair since he was free do despite a bit but up but that did not get in the way of his Halloween spirit announcers this year's ghostbusters costumes. Teachers working lights and sirens and a speaker that you've inflate the ghostbusters theme. Cops in that would make bill married to an accolade Melissa McCarthy or any ghost buster proud. So amazing cool. And finally. Does this volatile have more self control than most adults I know. Take a look at this tired toddler who is determined to stay awake until dad gives them permission to sleep. But when he finally dies take a look. You'll go to sleep like him. He's good good sleep vote. It doesn't take much get this guy and wouldn't life be a whole lot easier if we could fall asleep that quickly. Yes or I can make Candace fall asleep they sleep. It. Yeah and what happened ailment how to improve incentives would. Committed wait two months and that bit. Ahead. I can do that lettuce leaf maple leaves her trailer and yet it still doesn't look.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"A Philadelphia woman is lucky to be alive thanks to her loyal companion \"Che,\" who laid on top of her during a house fire, protecting her from the flames.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"43065823","title":"Dog Saves Homeowner From Fire","url":"/WNN/video/dog-saves-homeowner-fire-43065823"}