Donald Trump Doubles Down on Calling Hillary Clinton a 'Bigot'

Clinton hit back by saying Trump will "make America hate again."
3:45 | 08/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump Doubles Down on Calling Hillary Clinton a 'Bigot'
So let's start with some other B words bigotry. At least one going on right now and politics it was Hillary Clinton's blistering attack on Donald Trump. Accusing him of giving rise to a radical fringe element within the Republican Party as Clinton hammered trump on race and hate he pushed back. Continuing color a big it. And he's accusing her of trying to smear his supporters meanwhile chump is expected to clarify its immigration plan next week after making conflicting comments about mass deportation. It's your voice your vote here's ABC's or let signs. Donald Trump is doubling down his new label for Hillary Clinton. In an interview with CNN trump elaborated on his new green and he and his. I think she has hatred or policies like neglecting her policies and bigoted because she knows the night and work if you're since she has personally think she is of course she is she hurt her policies that her policies such hatred is at the core of that riser like. Ice after her or maybe she's Lacey. I don't know what he's hours earlier in Reno Clinton launched her. Only attack against crime he says he wants to make America great again but. More and more it seems as though his real message. Seems to be make America hate again. Her parents until this week Clinton said Hopkins promoting prejudice in mind. Racist campaign. He is taking hate groups mainstream. And helping a radical fringe take over. The Republican Party. The Clinton Campaign is reinforcing that message with a new Latin rating from a lot of Klan member like now crime but because a lot of what he believes we believe. But in an interview with our New Hampshire affiliate trump denied he wants a white supremacists votes. No I don't at all not at all and I will tell you this is not about hate this about love. That he trades jabs with Clinton trump continues to face questions over his stance on immigration we are going to find people. And we getting immediately and I mean first power. Of Mike the first document I will sign. We'll say. Get the bad ones added this country but trump offered murky answer when prost on the details. We have crime all over this pick if they haven't committed a crime. Is there going to be a path the first thing on talk notice itself if there's not a pass there is no path. Coming lose touch up unless people leave the country if they come back in then they can start. Paying tax. That answer offers a bit of a glimpse neutron struggle this week to pinpoint exactly what is immigration plan will entail. Trump says he will explain his plan an even greater details next week. Remember guys and that was the speech was originally pressed against this week. Yes today in fact and these attacks are heated but they have been for a while though they seem almost to be shifting in tone a little bit he seems to be softening his a little bit. While still attacking her but something in terms of policy and she seems to be. Trying to go after him harder directly in. With their strategy next it's really interesting to watch the two of them this was Hillary Clinton's only campaign event. This week and we really saw her in some ways adopting aid trump like. Attack on Henne in she was really going after him hard. A trampled me you know he's softening he said about about immigration but in some ways he's using a teleprompter. More often and we should expect to see him go harder on her as he has his entire campaign but he's also said that it's important for him to stick on message because he does better. With voters in the polls when he does that left to see if that's a strategy that both of them try to keep up in the coming month had their first debate. An immediate debt that debate being one month from today here on Long Island or in Long Island New York so Beatrice and see what sort of attack they had gone back and forth. Exactly right let's and thanks so much for being here appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Clinton hit back by saying Trump will \"make America hate again.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41669548","title":"Donald Trump Doubles Down on Calling Hillary Clinton a 'Bigot'","url":"/WNN/video/donald-trump-doubles-calling-hillary-clinton-bigot-41669548"}