Doughnut Sushi?

In Thailand you can get sushi-shaped doughnuts.
3:10 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for Doughnut Sushi?
Welcome to the -- everyone so there's no doubt that everybody likes doughnuts yeah and a small a lot of people like sushi you -- now what would you say to the idea of marrying the Tutsis and done that sat on -- sounds like a good. Sounds better on paper -- it -- in your -- right decision not have to check this -- take a look at the picture here this is something that actually exists only Thailand you can only pick -- up there these are made by mister -- they are actual -- they don't -- anything like profit CNN they are rather just really cool and -- to look at others apparently to Twitter user from Japan and was visiting Thailand he spotted these. And he decided to take a picture put it on -- an incredible -- it turns out these things have been around for a few years actually. But now of course are blowing up all over the place here is there you know other little TV ad they look just like sushi and rolls -- she year old yet. And they actually look -- -- alleged -- On the other hand does not really efficient and not really fish in the middle are on top -- -- -- inefficient -- -- -- -- -- not at all this is just pure unadulterated sugar -- to enjoy it seems she donuts says she I do you can go to Thailand. Plans to think of a fox got to get it from mr. -- -- -- important for us here trying to accept. Are you -- we have a couple of dumb criminals -- will come later I'll give this one right now 64 all attempting to steal a car and you -- because it took too long -- -- -- -- he's Australia's attempting to steal a woman's car at. At knife point on Saturday I was got serious about -- and he doesn't flee the scene quick -- he apparently took too much time loading his walker. And his groceries. Into the getaway car this is the truth your daughter 122 million elementary. And detonate needless to say he's under arrest the police who responded -- one of the most bizarre incidents they have ever she is set to -- it. Court today he might not make it he's probably still trying to -- -- -- all the water but there -- prison jumpsuit. Our men hey I might even take a look at this picture and I'm just gonna explain -- while it's up there this is out of Tokyo that is what you won't find if you look on Google's street view. And somewhere in Tokyo so this is a group of writers for Japan's daily portals -- which is. My website we'll pull this stunt after hearing that the street you back packer was in town taking pictures obviously -- the streets with his Google street view camera. Well they Allston up an online as a backpack -- walked by and that's a pitcher that was taken they all by the way already had these -- head. These -- generic -- had an opinion and they haven't had hidden heads because they were at a nearby photo shoot. And they -- about a catch up with the camera. That. And yet they had you might as well use. Every excuse you -- I'm surprised that's happening a lot more often like we're not ending up with all kinds of crazy things on Google's street view -- -- I have a trend starting right now.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"In Thailand you can get sushi-shaped doughnuts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19503990","title":"Doughnut Sushi?","url":"/WNN/video/doughnut-sushi-19503990"}