Drinkable Sunscreen Works From the Inside Out

Osmosis Skincare claims it has invented a new sunscreen that cancels out 97% of UV rays.
2:57 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for Drinkable Sunscreen Works From the Inside Out
Okay here's -- of those stories that's almost fiction is the reality is stranger than fiction. So there's the guy is that your take a look at the -- outside. -- -- and -- grocery store of the Dallas Texas and all of a sudden a couple of strangers. I don't know walk and I do. -- They're the third guy now we're happy with the -- that. Apparently according to the Huffington Post article -- anything -- have no idea who the other car and they are complete strangers. -- title -- right to spot these. If you're jamming outside of the -- -- -- -- thing on the weekend. I'm yelling guys come on over rapidly when the merrier the but that's not very cool very there at best -- -- elegant little. Percussion -- -- -- slap in the report. This is really cool this is -- Hong Kong during the rainy season a new ad campaign by central Pacific airlines as a Filipino -- -- Try to encourage people in Hong Kong when it's really -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the street but it only shows up when it rains wow check this out. Basically it says it's it's sunny in the Philippines. But you only see it. When the streets -- wet -- dry you don't see it at all the -- -- what. -- by the way Hong Kong received a hundred hours of sunshine. Mark which is not much for in my hands -- -- though this is really an effective. I gotta -- almost see all kind of adds New York City streets pretty high freely admit this is going to be pretty much. Everywhere have -- -- cloudy after that it's raining in New York. -- this -- mean yeah it is. Occasionally to that this is something that we're not -- sure whether thriller yeah we can't bear there's a company out there claiming that they have made -- created the very first drinkable Sutton street check it out it's called -- dates to value of the apparently for 28 dollars a bottle you take a little bit of this with a little bit of water that you waited an hour and and then it's it the way it works is it starts biting rating on this in canceling out get this in 97% of UBA and you -- he raped. According to the US company which is our spouses didn't care but once again and that is all we know we'll get pumped on this one right again really we -- quite often all night. Yeah I don't think that we because George Fisher about -- -- actually tried something else does it didn't care and send us a little bottle -- the whole ball we. Yeah although I don't I think half a bottle -- -- the national weather and -- -- nine. -- I don't I had immediately. That created. Lady. I think we look like the envelope with a fifty million -- -- your yes and John Boehner.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Osmosis Skincare claims it has invented a new sunscreen that cancels out 97% of UV rays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23790583","title":"Drinkable Sunscreen Works From the Inside Out","url":"/WNN/video/drinkable-sunscreen-works-inside-23790583"}