Drive-Thru Pizza Shop?

An elderly man gets foot stuck under pedal and crashes through pizza shop.
1:02 | 01/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drive-Thru Pizza Shop?
Well you've heard of drive in movies and drive through banking of course but here's a different spin on the whole thing from Lincoln Nebraska -- drive right into. The pizza shop yes it happened on Wednesday an elderly man's foot got stuck on the gas -- any drove right through the front door of Valentino -- pizza shop. And then. He was stuck in the car he actually ordered apple -- for himself. Luckily no one else was hurt but that Hungary driver did not get that -- before being taken to the hospital to be checked. Counts as a vote yet but what -- -- the first responders following. This guy craft to the store and still ahead you know the -- that they had the whatever to order a pizza they -- actually -- -- was OK he's -- he was -- alert despite the drama. I don't know what the rest -- or. Now that. Let's hope may be some confusion or or yeah I don't know who knows what it was luckily. No injuries the guy's gonna make it out just okay had no major structural damage to the authorities -- saying it was hunger and actually.

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{"id":18188345,"title":"Drive-Thru Pizza Shop?","duration":"1:02","description":"An elderly man gets foot stuck under pedal and crashes through pizza shop.","url":"/WNN/video/drive-pizza-shop-18188345","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}