'DTWS': A Popular Sitcom Star Says Goodbye

Valerie Harper is the latest to be eliminated from "Dancing With the Stars."
3:50 | 10/08/13

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Transcript for 'DTWS': A Popular Sitcom Star Says Goodbye
All right there you heard it -- being -- on dancing with the stars and we are going to have a liberal. -- and the spoiler here so if you don't wanna hear -- got -- for the but -- -- units burning. Unfortunately it was by her -- she got this. She got the lowest score once again she's been either -- -- tied for lowest scoring his cattle the lowest score from the beginning of the series. As she's missed a lot of stuff she's forgotten -- Scott not had a great run as far as it being a dancer knows the answer -- -- Cancer survivors -- -- -- out there doing the best that she cut and she was having an amazing time to listen to. And wonderful completely unique like nothing else in the world that you would -- -- and I miss an opportunity for me you. -- carrying a message to folks not just with cancer -- whatever they have that whatever challenge. Like are -- did not. I haven't seen that a very important and -- message that she sent and -- That very well -- attaches great inspiration and yet -- its -- competition at this point you know what's the best dancers but she. Get out there she inspired us cancer and hold were notified educated -- she's absolutely positively. Our breaking bad star Bryan Cranston breaking bad wrapped up. Don't know rest for the weary for this guy -- -- -- jump in right in. According to New York Times he's going to be coming to Broadway knows that right now he's currently betraying former president Lyndon B Johnson in a production called all the way. And that's currently running through October 12 in Cambridge Massachusetts. Twelve times anyways reporting that he's gonna come to -- great white way he's gonna. Bring this production there begins at the Kennedy assassination -- the and we saw some of this not too long ago we saw a couple of clips and he looks just like Lyndon Johnson in the classes and and the far head and it's really an amazing looked it's going to be great I think that -- now that it's here I cannot wait to see yeah yeah yeah no -- I'll release date yet but. They say it's. -- excited about that until yesterday Halley Berry and -- game Martinez had there's little they've been going. But -- we -- they for the baby apparently they decided to go back to -- is -- Spanish -- His new baby baby's name is a -- see all of Robert Martinez. Must see them on bonds. Oh by the way don't massive us sexy would -- -- parents. He hasn't column has actually yes so that dates back to this -- Injuries and -- -- kind of data reformat it and you know americanized now it's an actor Matthew essentially banned from back in the day. Not CEO and -- is Olivia is the dad's names so they kept it nice and close to again. Did I think he's going to be an what good looking kid and with a name like -- Seattle thinking yeah well he's got beat me. I don't who has got the name anyway he's got the geez let's see alternatives about it via. Turn up very often beyoncé as we all know -- calendar is -- when he fourteen official calendar. We cover the 32 Grammy -- -- Calvin posted on her official site. -- and sexy photos inside of course striking saucy sexy -- -- yeah let's see a few more just keep put him up. But according to her website it's just in time for the holiday -- that's the only one but -- takeover but a lot of revealing shots. Fifteen dollars to about twelve inches of the picture is fourteen different shots. So you beyoncé -- is right there for the Christmas wishlists -- is the ones that I can't account our company. I don't live like fiance dad yet -- --

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{"id":20502169,"title":"'DTWS': A Popular Sitcom Star Says Goodbye","duration":"3:50","description":"Valerie Harper is the latest to be eliminated from \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/dtws-popular-sitcom-star-goodbye-20502169","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}