'DWTS' Voting Shocker

Olympian Charlie White is voted off of "Dancing With The Stars."
3:24 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Voting Shocker
I would start out first inning with a ballroom shocker Olympian ice -- Charlie -- -- dominated throughout the season voted off Dancing With The Stars just one week shy in the finale. The ballroom audience -- its displeasure with the results and co host Tom Bergeron acknowledged the result was a shocker. White -- was a gracious loser. All of these people and so -- their thing. Now I -- 100% he would cheerleader seen Merrill. Second leading to an air ball trophy next week are white ice dancing partner -- Davis actress Candace Cameron Burke apparently -- -- eighty Ernie. And big time rush starred James -- Certainly handled it graciously than they did. All right the widow of the driver killed with fast and furious star Paul Walker is taking legal action six months after that fiery crash. -- eroded has filed a lawsuit against Porsche blaming the accident on faulty mechanics. The suit claims the Porsche -- they were riding in veered out of control because of the suspension. -- wrote -- also contradicted police findings of the car was going up to 93 miles an hour she said they were driving at significantly slow work 55 miles. Another legal story now this one involving radio legend Casey case that he's suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease and can no longer speak -- children have been complaining that they had been unable to see their father because he's been moved around between medical facilities. -- -- -- -- yesterday a judge ordered an investigation into where exactly. Jason is being treated. A complaint from his kids accuses case and his wife of elder abuse an attorney for one of his daughters says the family believed Cason has been taken to an Indian reservation. In Washington State. Hard as you know. TV news pioneer our own Barbara Walters retiring this week and to honor her this building that we're in right now ABC news headquarters is now named in her honor. Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger did the honors. From this day forward. 47 west 66 street -- forever be known as the Barbara Walters ABC news headquarters. I have a legacy. And I said this -- him being -- sincerely. I hope that I played a small role in paving. There's so many of you fabulous women who hit tonight. And I am not going to -- I make anybody else got an old enough. Thank you by the way from the women and men of ABC news when she says she hopes she paid she had a small hard -- Into LA she is she -- the entire route true pioneer. Lately just wonder -- this woman just so many ways -- -- -- is deserving of every -- she -- -- -- ballistic out of you are they rosters today celebrity birthdays -- -- -- -- didn't topping a -- Stevie Wonder turned 64 years old today. Basketball's while guy Dennis Rodman turns 53. Kelly crown late night friend -- cold -- turns the Big Five -- today singer Gary struck -- turning 48 years old. Happy birthday to all of that. New details on the two -- social media darling that was identical twin sisters.

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{"id":23691908,"title":"'DWTS' Voting Shocker","duration":"3:24","description":"Olympian Charlie White is voted off of \"Dancing With The Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-voting-shocker-23691908","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}