Eagles of Death Join U2

U2 brings the legendary metal band, Eagles of Death, on stage for a dynamic concert finale in Paris.
2:15 | 12/08/15

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Transcript for Eagles of Death Join U2
Now for the skinny it's popular. Headlines aid granted ran finale in. What was widely rumored to all week had actually finally happens to the Eagles of death metal strip the states in Paris we need to last night. The first calling. Since last month's terrorist night for millions who. But the band's last comes bonanno gave the group an emotional introduction. These are our Brothers. Our fellow human donors they live Iraq. There's staged three weeks ago we would like to offer them eyes tonight. Figured Jesse Hughes led both fans of the song people on the power by Patti Smith who played with YouTube last night. The performance helped cap fallen and of the concert that also aired an HBO last night. Hughes says the Eagles of death metal will resume that's holdings here I'm who will play pirates. In fact beauty. Authorities here in New Yorkers searching for three men who rolled greatest. Pals drug lab. Good itself but the pulp what chill. For her lifestyle brand group yet apparently they want to away with stolen goods estimated to be worth. You weren't then 170000. Dollars what he wants a lot which many have actually joked turns out to be about a dozen items and well actually. Police say that these product recovered. Covenant sword during store hours taking two pieces of jewelry and three men's watches in response to the theft Gibbs said in a statement. We remain open for business with proper security precautions. In place. Allen finally we can all because I've early Kim Kardashian Kanye West they have a name for the newborn child. The baby baby put over the weekend the World Bank is awaiting the announcement of the name well it will be stint as we thought no. The tweet for mom Kim says it's gonna beat saint west. I liked it booked. Along with Avaya funny folks. Through in mode which is. And let's connect yeah could.

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{"id":35639737,"title":"Eagles of Death Join U2 ","duration":"2:15","description":"U2 brings the legendary metal band, Eagles of Death, on stage for a dynamic concert finale in Paris.","url":"/WNN/video/eagles-death-join-u2-35639737","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}