Easter toys for the upcoming holiday

Toy expert Ali Mierzejewski joins ABC News' Kenneth Moton to showcase some great kid's toys for Easter this year.
4:44 | 03/26/18

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Transcript for Easter toys for the upcoming holiday
Welcome back we're less than one week away from Easter Sunday. And if you're looking to have some family fun here with some ideas on how you can beat the Easter Bunny its own game as the toy insider's Alley were just the Alley this if my dream come true when it comes on Easter basket and. Great Easter basket rate so parents can choose to fill the Easter basket with small planes instead of with candy it's a healthier option so what do we have here so we can start up of the Alamo surprise confetti and many Hanlon Keating Holland who's been the new consideration of the very popular collectibles Allen was all right you can tell what I had yet. Paulette. Okay it's like the mega map of the attack followed the player that you an acrobat eight surprises yeah yeah look at sat Hughes. LL LL LL LL off and Oliver accessory those well it's easier pretty cool. Yes and in the confetti and that it is what's new it makes it I'll find UK and they. Sense next up we have the Peter Abbott didn't budge from just played. Toys Wear these after frank the money here this I think these are ticketed you know from the running on the I don't know I don't know vice dying in the streets Friday if it. She is a little bunnies. Just like these guys are just like these are things are groundless and hit the floor frank here everybody could. And I'll get these very air. For frank but these are cute little. Slashed their rabbits of course so that you sipping their funny bit in the basket and there only 799. That's seven that he and I'm not batter off. Since critics but it is not something down you do as Matthew head smashes from Syria and they're based on their sports themed collectible Celine you're an -- up aren't gonna break apart and you're gonna get a little collectible and I all right tonight and I'm if ABC's gonna get me if I break this down. Think. And a little. Green. Little monster with us who does that it's a little toy announces a little Clinton's and that's a whole bunch of them that you can collect each one has a look collector's guide so you know what character you've got and now I'm no expert that you can put them back together. And smashed an overnight bag and my little pop it into bashing smashing these magic into the Whitewater there critics. I mean our I might. How can unlocked yeah time OK so what else we Gallup more per Reeves right here and got the first babies here they are mainly from Minnesota. And there are Superfund announcing that a little finger puppy to stick your finger in the back and when you move them from the battered yet. Their eyes and their ears. Syria can see this. Please be vercammen remove the hair back that he did it did not. The either or crazier it will only monitored every thing. Vienna yet in the little pockets acting OK Barea day. So they're little they're Q and their these little collectibles they also can only place ads and in addition to justified he seemed really fun. They're really through densely than anything yes. And very and all right so we got some what marble Star Wars because these are mighty mites from Hasbro and when you you can pick your favorite trick at Annapolis hours and that's a month out of the hat. And there are questions. And oh and this Monday. Drop an eyewitness this Monday. A typical. Yeah we're okay we're yeah I'll let the other this third and everybody okay. Did a pretty good right back here. I think it's what I've got to come here are that the soft and ambulance attendants have a good record on your eye masks things. And everything else they look at what I was trying to show you here what do you do that made. That happy that OK so that this Friday he did it. This is Monday. To let Wednesday. It is an area I went up we got here is that these awesome card game doesn't not during rankings. Stratton winning Liz what is the monopoly is a card game now after the card -- -- -- you can take it on the go we have monopoly we have -- suspect card game -- use the same game but you're just using hand of cards and only if picture Rica which has four different games and one to keep kids busy seat in the car and car they're perfect for vacation you can take them on with you know so. Much fun this also reckon incredible spirit you couldn't hurt for my basket I can't wait army and these are ideas that. Families for generations thinking yeah all this kids of all ages and parents allowed some of them do it as mighty Macs that sounds like so much fun are sorry thinks Alley where does he from the toy insider you can have to their website. For the toy in a tighter dot com for more info on these boys. And more. The watching world news now Torres are everybody is an Easter basket. But.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Toy expert Ali Mierzejewski joins ABC News' Kenneth Moton to showcase some great kid's toys for Easter this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"54011513","title":"Easter toys for the upcoming holiday","url":"/WNN/video/easter-toys-upcoming-holiday-54011513"}