Educational Toys That Make Learning Fun

"Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schacht shows the new toys that will help children to learn and have fun.
3:54 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Educational Toys That Make Learning Fun
Any parent or teacher knows kids learn more if they have -- while they're doing it -- insider -- Shaq is here with some wonderful new toys. That really do make learning -- and we start with some really great stuff for little once we get up. We're gonna start with our creativity. On PlayStation and it's an art table it comes with two stills has a black -- -- and and -- -- really clever storage on the site to keep have a place to make Iran masterpiece I I love this this is a price to me I know this is -- -- This is found that the blocks this is Billie beat a -- it's in the first children's line and it's all about fighting wrestlers field because not only does he parents your kids to get health. He -- -- -- -- dance. I say it is all kinds of activities and games here on the blocks even have color coded -- -- think -- well they will place. My goodness now that is once again at three great now this is. -- from V tech it's our role -- learn activities suitcase hadn't also great teaches kids greetings and sang in English into Spanish. So lots of great things but it also opens we have a suitcase checked in -- or pretend play. Yeah and you can pretend you're going on vacation and doing well. This cute little pop. Out an honor and a whole new scam that's -- -- different notes that. Starting time one district how much a pat on the head. Lots of tax points. But -- -- story time. Where you can choose one of the five books sold out early learning curriculum -- sleepy time -- -- time he -- just read to you and telling horsing about why. -- those are great for kids of all ages great I -- -- nation great for the mind we start with their currently -- this is our Fisher Price I -- Interactive -- -- that the -- -- assigned to different styles to choose I have one hand and we actually built the puzzle. -- Interactive. -- so I don't understand it does it encourage you to keep going great -- and no home just keep thinking it's going and engage lots teams in here. And her older kids it's Smart to wondering if this is great so this is -- 181009 -- Our battleship -- what -- -- we have to get them back to home port. But it's sequential movement -- -- We're starting at one of the easiest ones -- sixty challenges continue to come up next and I'm glad this is the -- -- And that tablets we know tablets are great learning told a news on the parents for about kids being safe on line -- so what you're looking at -- Carry out acts tablets we had injury tablets 710 inch screens may -- the family. I only have different profiles -- of them and I had an eight tablets in line. And what we have is a suite of parental controls we can control kids' Internet access names reading control. -- -- -- -- -- And we can also control the time management. We can control by the day of the week how much time our kids are gonna spend -- this Okeafor parizeau -- worried about just handing their kids an iPad. It comes preloaded -- away with sixty apps. A lot of it has been developed by this award winning educator astronauts now so lax that hit tilts back Larry we -- have made an art -- This is Ev3 my leg out -- 550 pieces that can't build. Have to program it so it's an introduction to robotics and computer programming and -- Sky season is not they're all amazing idea year old who owns gonna roll out of them yeah yeah. That's a lot of times at the usual things start toy insider -- -- -- and of course check out W and and fans dot com for more details on. -- --

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{"id":20302100,"title":"Educational Toys That Make Learning Fun","duration":"3:54","description":"\"Toy Insider Mom\" Laurie Schacht shows the new toys that will help children to learn and have fun.","url":"/WNN/video/educational-toys-make-learning-fun-20302100","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}