Emergency Nap Kit

The "Emergency Nap Kit" provides you with just the essentials for napping at the office.
2:52 | 03/10/15

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Transcript for Emergency Nap Kit
Time for the mix this one's for you teach because. I think its emergency nap can't a lot of people a lot of books watching her show worked two jobs I'm guess early in the morning bill a little bit tired. Catholic groups are afraid what this is. They can fit on a bookshelf 45 dollars gets you an inflatable air mattress in a full length sleeping suit complete with sleep it's almost like a snappy. You can put anywhere in your office. And then to this news we'll have been. It's to what. It's an emergency now get so you can sleep comfortably at work Andy Kemp that Sunday if it's under shop inflatable air mattress and in this nice little sleep thanks to. Flip the ball but some parents and ask cushion there was to get local systems that Fred. He needs you know you have to wait for criticism over its divisions I think my kitchen that's tomorrow they arrest order overnight think so. It's we got some we got some pears figs are good here this is a Minnesota they have a a hockey term of service and not he's a big deal but they've kids is only time they really get a chance to be on TV does big hot determines what they do all year as they grow out there hair. And then they cut into they've leaked today do something crazy. In order to get some attention and they make up the all hair team I was little. This is worthy of a canteen commercial that you know this is the point they want to get your attention and they do the craziest things there's scarcely have an all hair team. Local affiliates the stations there have been putting this thing together about twenty years so the guys who make the all hair team. The put a video together it's got some 800 plus thousand views on line. And that's. Has prompted one local organization to dedicate. 151000 dollars to eight nonprofit fair in council is some good came of this going to get enough yeah say they can say they act gridlock that orders up all year for their moment. In the spotlight. I feel all draws and compared low rolling. I just get troubled when men have better here than you should troubles could bet at better air that be will never happen here. Refused to believe that this. Never seen anything like it. The audible gasp from the crowd I think we're gonna call him Fuller rubio. I also love the assist from his body just looks horrified as he's wait for it to happen. But remember Ron Eddie comes out after the goalies in just kills it he doesn't even say hi to anyone that's a man. That's a man that's the video they don't they hide any Olympic if there. Right that I had nothing do with the fact he's. You have would packer it was the weasels who flew on the back of the it was hacked millions of people there you got that image went to viral we'll now. There is a sign they have now named the park where was taken after as the home of the woodpecker writing weasel.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"The \"Emergency Nap Kit\" provides you with just the essentials for napping at the office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"29522445","title":"Emergency Nap Kit","url":"/WNN/video/emergency-nap-kit-29522445"}