Emmy 2013 Recap: Hits and Misses

Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado breaks down the night that honors TV.
3:25 | 09/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emmy 2013 Recap: Hits and Misses
-- planning and star power for television's biggest night. Last night TV's best were honored at the 65 annual Emmy Awards and joining us for some of the highlights is music and media consultant Bruno -- -- -- -- thanks for being here -- Good morning -- Wanna start out the host Neil Patrick Harris he's done this before. Did he live up to his past expectation he had huge shoes to fill his own he just finished a jaw dropping musical opening number at the -- earlier this year. So social media was judging him against them. And he didn't really take off until halfway through the show when he. Came out lists of what very very powerful -- come so tell us what was the big winner what show one -- attack. Breaking that. The last season and win the penultimate episode tonight come next week is -- Show the last. Episode of the series it won best series. And I gotta tell you. It was a perfect way to send -- off -- what -- modern family won. Forty years and you know warriors general Pervez -- yeah -- and apparently he month moderate family joins on the family and cheers and Dick and actually as one of the Reid is comedies of all time -- that's really impressed. They had a big winners -- -- By the candelabra. Here's a here's a movie that's. Theatrically none of the -- movie studios want it. But -- HBO picked up on it. And they were nominee for fifteen awards and they -- 110 including Michael Douglas won best actor and Steven Soderberg who won best director me. It's -- about the tribute that -- paid to 1963. Years three the year. Anything that went over it was a very inch senior 1963 apart from the fact that it was march on Washington and we had the assassination of president Kennedy and -- -- Beatles. The reason why they wanted to pay tribute was because it was a first -- television finally came into its own. It was a year where. People were getting their news more from TV -- newspapers when newscast where. Became thirty minute newscasts -- -- fifteen because of everything was going on and I think they wanted to pay tribute to that and Carrie Underwood didn't create jobs doing yesterday but we -- also. And an HBO movie got a big honor unique and surprising -- -- I think so yes absolutely I think it was a very interesting Emmys because none -- -- sure fire winners were were real winners here there was an upset any interest in. Any low lights in your opinion moments that -- cringe worthy or you know. Less than stellar for the did the Emmy show Orleans show I -- -- choreography moment was not really harm you know so hard though you never know how it's gonna fall sometimes and I can human -- -- he's. Kerry Washington I have to say I'm disappointed I do carry -- should've -- Jesus -- what would happen down there and battle. Upset major upset there. Carry on -- woods yesterday some people were not so flattering about their non mormons know teachers say because McCartney's in LA and easier for an engineer can move on tonight Mike Easley walked across as -- noted that how charming without him notably cool. It's hard to do a song that's just so well -- It's a hard song to do period yeah it's -- -- and I played out on my guitar sometimes I am an octave lower -- -- -- the -- -- days. He's hitting your right to tell us on the sex -- anybody see is that songs by an awful lot. -- thank you so my thanks -- have reserves -- that your perspective.

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{"id":20342560,"title":"Emmy 2013 Recap: Hits and Misses","duration":"3:25","description":"Music & Media Consultant Bruno del Granado breaks down the night that honors TV.","url":"/WNN/video/emmy-2013-hits-misses-20342560","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}