Emmy 2013 Recap: Musical Numbers, Moving Microphones

Neil Patrick Harris gets advice from former hosts at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards.
3:41 | 09/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emmy 2013 Recap: Musical Numbers, Moving Microphones
Now it's time for the skinny. Did you know that -- additionally it on that's at all that there's there's much more Reebok got a bonus round coming up as well. Yup we're gonna do that one little bit we'll start -- of the Emmys we got for us. So Neil Patrick Harris of the top of the AMA's. What he did open up -- -- -- to be big musical number instead. But there was an exchange between hand and some of the former host. The -- came -- giving him advice happen. What was interesting was if you were following on Twitter kind of felt flat it didn't really. How the big come boom that's -- -- -- out of a lot of people on Twitter and. We get a time out for a second biggest -- does this image of advice or just look around. Take it all -- it is a good chance they want to ask -- -- up next here. But they -- -- Jane Lynch back just what I'm saying yeah they didn't ask me back and. I was an aspect because I'm a woman we'll. If you want I don't think anyone that watched you post that night ought to do as a woman. No I don't want -- to the Tony my little -- trapped in the. -- -- I am not yet. Like that's okay that is larger game. Funny stuff. One of the few moments I caught. Was the middle of the -- which and aptly titled they did this get called the middle of the show that was offered a job particular -- I think you have -- is great I. Customer I think there's -- boom with fat that -- but it seemed to get out of I thought it was Q number yup and then you really under way. She was singing Paul McCartney's yesterday. And she actually ended up tweeting out Saint Paul McCartney -- gave her blessing she -- the coolest thing about singing yesterday. On the Emmys is the sweet letter I got from at Paul McCartney give me the busting dissing it. That's always a good thing. There was little not everybody was you know muscles and first we'll talk about. -- And everybody so kind her Twitter. Seems it does seem to get out of that clip but it's really hard how do you compete with Paul McCartney you don't. Yeah I mean that -- -- iconic song that really they -- songs general songs always tough. Yet so right trying to do any kind of remake of The Beatles it's a losing proposition but I did -- -- -- -- seven of the different genre too so it's kind of she puts on those spin on -- with her voice over. You can't fault -- for that model and back -- really. Hard song -- anybody watching try that in the car it's really hard do you wanna try are not gonna try I'd try to my guitar to go whole octave lower -- -- -- the -- -- to go a step up a few besides the tops off. Jimmy Fallon and the movie Michael. So this microphone as he's talking kids moving. About about and that he keeps going down and down and out as he's like making it up. What is this likely was it like yeah -- write it it was not clearly an awkward -- yeah. So others of these moments is great moments in Mississippi -- injured people -- would like to see Jimmy Fallon -- yesterday he's -- Yes he would be great -- there.

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{"id":20341007,"title":"Emmy 2013 Recap: Musical Numbers, Moving Microphones","duration":"3:41","description":"Neil Patrick Harris gets advice from former hosts at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards.","url":"/WNN/video/emmy-2013-recap-musical-numbers-moving-microphones-20341007","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}