Experimental coronavirus vaccine shows promise

Moderna announced every participant in the study developed antibodies. ABC News’ Megan Tevrizian reports.
3:11 | 07/15/20

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Transcript for Experimental coronavirus vaccine shows promise
This morning with corona virus cases Klein mean at least one vaccine is showing promise. The durn announcing that all 45 people in its study developed antibodies. This is no technology it will take large trees three trials trusts or get comfortable and indeed we understand pro. Researchers are now preparing to try it out on 30000 people. We're doing very well on the vaccines and we're ready to. Distributed to vaccine when we get it world said. But that's months away and this morning Washington State is among the place is facing new shut down its. We are heading into big trouble if we do not. Figure out a way to knock this pandemic down. The warning comes in states like West Virginia report personnel shortages. An entire sheriff's department in California with potentially exposed because of testing delays I came down with some cold symptoms. And. June 30 and about eight days later I got my results in the came back positive that share off on the job for more than a week. While he waited for results and in Mississippi IC use are overflowing and we are total. We are full in our kids searched its. We are full in our icu and this hospital has 29 patients waiting for a bed to open up this in his bid comes personal patient or she'll Texas is also running out of icu beds along with anti viral drugs and staff but governor Greg app they still refusing to enforce its new lock downs until there are medications but to slow the spread of the crow bars there's only one thing they can slow the spread. And that is about people adopting the use of wearing a face scored the headed the CDC predicts dean at the virus will take its tall Wellington next year. I do you think that fall into intertwined Corning and 120 wanna really mean to everyone of those difficult times that we experienced. And the American public health. It comes as president trump ramps up his attacks on schools. That plan to stay closed in the fall. I would tell parents and teachers that you should dad. Find yourself a new person whoever's in judge of that decision because it's a terrible decision. Some teachers in Florida are arguing it's not safe to return one group even asking the school board to defy steep orders to resume in pursing classes. And Oklahoma is now reporting their first child in this state to die from the virus at thirteen year old who suffered from an autoimmune disease. Dying just hours after arriving at the hospital. Doctor Anthony fat she the nation's top corona virus expert says the decision to return to school should be based on testy. And certain California schools certain Florida schools of making a decision. Based on the judgment of making Shula. That safety of the children and safety of the teaches. A parent. Many experts say where is he can clean its ideas and starting he shopping that's a start that's. Anywhere in the country he will be required to Wear masks. Wal-Mart when the largest retailers in country not me wearing masks and mandatory. Everywhere and Stewart's. Our Megan thank you oh.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Moderna announced every participant in the study developed antibodies. ABC News’ Megan Tevrizian reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71792653","title":"Experimental coronavirus vaccine shows promise","url":"/WNN/video/experimental-coronavirus-vaccine-shows-promise-71792653"}