Extreme Weather System Prompts Tornado Fears

ABC News' Tahman Bradley reports on the tornadoes that hit Missouri and Texas.
3:00 | 04/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Weather System Prompts Tornado Fears
America's number one. The strong storms barreling across the country. Widespread damage being reported this morning take a look at the radar here the system stretches from Louisiana almost to the Great Lakes millions in -- half. As its bonds tornadoes as well as hail. There -- number twisters reported across several states including this one in Texas and the hail in some cases the size of baseballs. ABC's -- Bradley has the very latest. Overnight violent storms -- through. Parts of the midwest and south these ominous clouds -- dangerously close to this Minor League Baseball game. And EF one tornado touched down yesterday morning in Saint Louis. Damaging about a hundred homes the governor of Missouri declared a state of emergency. In Texas the tornado warnings that these college student racing for cover. For -- -- hail storms lasted for hours shattering windshields. I'm telling people I don't know what to do with the glass like I've never -- a situation we got actually three windshields that were busted. And the rest of it is just all hail the image I mean that hailed as awful. This is not something you see every day a river of -- flowing downhill. Heavy rain flooded some areas including parts of Indiana. Out west a different kind of precipitation spring snow up to twenty inches in parts of Colorado. Today the threat is far from over. Damaging winds and a few tornadoes are possible in parts of the midwest as this new wave of severe weather bears down on millions. -- Bradley ABC news Washington. Our thanks -- -- -- so where is this storm system now and who -- -- going to affect that AccuWeather is Jim -- joining us now for a look at today Jim. Good morning John and -- and the storm system that brought so much severe weather to the nation's midsection on Thursday. Tracking toward the eastern seaboard it all -- today on Friday. As a cold front -- to the Ohio valley on the east Tennessee looking for strong to severe thunderstorms the main threat here will be for strong gusty winds. Soaking rainfall -- spreads towards New York towards Pennsylvania across the mid Atlantic. We still do with snowfall in the upper midwest -- wind down through the afternoon afford to get six to twelve inches Minneapolis Duluth north and east into Ontario. John Diane back to you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Tahman Bradley reports on the tornadoes that hit Missouri and Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23187940","title":"Extreme Weather System Prompts Tornado Fears","url":"/WNN/video/extreme-weather-system-prompts-tornado-fears-23187940"}