Fat Cat Misses the Jump of a Lifetime

An overweight cat tries to jump onto a windowsill, but instead becomes a laughing stock.
3:00 | 02/17/14

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Transcript for Fat Cat Misses the Jump of a Lifetime
OK now it's time for the -- and we got a couple of animal videos in your seal like that but. First if your cat person. I apologize in advance for this one OK but I think you're gonna love it take a look at this video of this is a video of little's gambles. He's become a laughingstock for this us. He's trying to get home to the -- And he jumps. Yeah LeBron James of cats and he doesn't have any -- oh yeah. -- -- I'm so sorry so this is from Christ church New Zealand he tried to make that led. Couldn't make it so fast forward a couple of months. And his owner then does another video. I'll try to -- I hadn't spoken -- -- it looks okay maybe just one more time closer to home yeah. He's getting closer then that's the point here yes the next video we see it's Campbell's right on the -- that's right of the jumping -- -- All right went out to another adorable -- -- animal cook for yourself. -- was a chicken man was rescued from a laboratory. This woman took took this little baby chicken. Then a while later found there was -- Little Chihuahua puppy that was found injured an -- -- and had some trouble with its -- to friends legs and now the two of them are the best of friends to check. And the baby too well and -- -- we'll take him when it's cool little little wheelchair to help it along isn't it in the front. -- -- and they're just two little buddies there -- yeah well. -- and next up that tell you have. You've got to back to the future of I don't know -- -- remember -- -- -- to have these sneakers and they would -- automatically well. The future may be here. A look at. From the movie focusing Snickers zip up just like that well in 2015. Apparently Nike is considering releasing. A new version either of these shoes or of those who they are being released in 2011 celebrating this collection. And making designer tinker Hatfield responsible for -- that air Jordan -- says that in 2015. They're actually gonna put those. Zip up those automatics about some of sneakers of you're like me you know like placing issues -- about lazy like that. That's for you okay -- a button and blue. -- they talk about what true love it. Okay that's taken from jail -- a major sweetie I'm -- -- -- and today. It happened in Arizona at this guy was in jail for and I think -- and -- goal or something like that. And he went through like barbed wire and jumped over to wall. And -- to the -- you're supposed to meet his girlfriend. Gotten out -- back in jail now we begin at current account that's great escape charges -- -- -- yes.

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{"id":22545049,"title":"Fat Cat Misses the Jump of a Lifetime","duration":"3:00","description":"An overweight cat tries to jump onto a windowsill, but instead becomes a laughing stock.","url":"/WNN/video/fat-cat-fail-misses-jump-video-22545049","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}