Female referee breaks barriers in the NFL

Sarah Thomas became the first woman to officiate an NFL playoff game on Sunday. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
1:57 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for Female referee breaks barriers in the NFL
Well this is a big weekend and the NFL with the saints and patriots advancing and one trailblazing referee making history Sarah Thomas has become the first woman to. Ever officiate. An NFL playoff game breaking barriers yet again. This morning Tom Brady and his patriots are celebrating. The tenth consecutive trip to the AFC championship game. The but there was a woman on the field. Sir Thomas marking a milestone of her own. About them not to Sarah Thomas that's got to be big day for. That's especially. Now on her fourth season with the NFL Thomas is no stranger to breaking barriers to galvanize she became the first woman to officiate a major collegiate bowl game. Thomas is the only female refereed in the NFL. Of all major professional sports there have been five in NBA history does one of the NHL and none in Major League Baseball. I think it's also instructive for the other leagues that are are lagging behind that it's time you you can have women refereed you can have women umpires. Tom this year with their Robin Roberts about the hard work she's prudent to school her success. What does it take to be an official in NFL. Extreme focus. Being very driven and dedicated to your job and training. The Mississippi native and mother of three is an inspiration to others. And says she always looks to be the best she can be. Don't go out to try to prey somebody wrong. Don't do things where they your email or mail. Black Hawaii just do it because you believe in yourself and you know you're there to do the job but I is. Really cool and hustled she's the first of many yeah I'm so just to reiterate there. One NFL of all the major professional sports there from only five in the NBA history does warn me NHL and nine in MLB. OK so that's placed one quick second go get another job you can you can brick appear there.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"Sarah Thomas became the first woman to officiate an NFL playoff game on Sunday. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60356837","title":"Female referee breaks barriers in the NFL","url":"/WNN/video/female-referee-breaks-barriers-nfl-60356837"}