'Fifty Shades of Grey': Okay for Kids 13 and Up in France

While "Fifty Shades" is rated R here in the US, the French National Film Board has given the film a PG-12 rating, meaning teens 13 and up can see the film.
3:52 | 02/12/15

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Transcript for 'Fifty Shades of Grey': Okay for Kids 13 and Up in France
It. And it's time now for that any and topping our life this morning the world premiere of if he shades of gray what is it like that they can't wait see it nine brilliant either yes. You're O view the world I didn't realize I'm not rise to watch the trailer early fifteen times OK what are you into the. Would list no one shot where dornin lots left Iraq across the room without a shirt on he looks so cute. Every guy cute you know that's a big compliment from me to cosmetic you've yet. But our you'll weave this into the back of what we've had for years now of the moment you're wielding a buckles and dolphins nationwide this weekend last night though the world premiere held in Berlin a couple of the night. Lead actually quote the quarter Johnson this year than in your voice he hides in Arlington look from the beard right Hillary Clinton book. There on the red carpet but this might in the couple of the night director Sam Taylor Johnson looks great there with a husband. Erin. Taylor Johnson is what way to get that movement and gas. They have the single lesson in okay. I say don't go girl because it could you might miss it when he was pronouncing the names he's 24. She's forty step at a big deal right. I say from one period NX. More parity sweetie you're not that coup gracious. Knowing I don't have that many years it may be some corporate once you wanna tell them how many just before they stars like yeah OK thank you certainly gatlin an agreement like. Anti hunger and I don't doubt but that could. Max know who gate he's a great guy. And it does not look of them together if you stick with movies here who like they've been friends updated doesn't see. The president thing to see what the big deal is about clearly. France hasn't yet the movie yet if you stayed with it that we see bond age. Sex scenes it's rated art here in US. Meaning no wonder seventeen can get out without being accompanied by an adult but Britain is even more strict no one under eighteen allowed in purity Ed. But Franzen the British national film board has given the Villa very relaxed PG twelve rating restricting YouTube. Children twelve and under you can't see episode twelve you're thirteen you porting you'd sun yat teenagers thirteen and up. Good to get out Vicky she integrate by the way is already playing in France and leading the box office there because everyone can know they don't but here meantime continues in the world of music. Do you believe this Kanye West and announced he and who Taylor Swift going to be collaborating in the studio the pair on Sunday here they are embodying up together at the grammys the courses. Video caught everybody's attention here wondering what tell us what we're saying to Jay-Z some saying she went to brunch I don't think so what page you be the judge. That's this speech he's not an interactive they both went as pretty upcoming collaboration what appeared yesterday morning on air with Ryan Seacrest he was short on details but did say Taylor quote. She wants to get a studio and we're definitely going nickel and so state can't and finally here at studio recording for fifteen years ago never released before just now reaching our ears this morning so we're excited about. Four songs by the eighties girl partner Spice Girls have been leaked online and it immediately taken offline. But we'd we did manage to catch a listen and here's want to think it's very nineties and very catchy. The title back back is if it's eleven on your mind the tracks were read. Courted around and the spice girl last album forever was released back in 2000 there's no word. On whether they'll ever be legitimately released but that's the. Familiar. Yet because every song of the ninety's sound like that's kept the country if you have heard before actually flat back sorry it. It is yeah let you know I do excited by fields limited something new will be coming out from them but. They.

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{"id":28914898,"title":"'Fifty Shades of Grey': Okay for Kids 13 and Up in France","duration":"3:52","description":"While \"Fifty Shades\" is rated R here in the US, the French National Film Board has given the film a PG-12 rating, meaning teens 13 and up can see the film.","url":"/WNN/video/fifty-shades-grey-rated-pg-12-france-28914898","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}