Fight the Polar Vortex With the Snuggie

"WNN" gets cozy and warm with the Snuggie.
3:00 | 01/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fight the Polar Vortex With the Snuggie
That's right the cold weather is back and so was the warmth of our -- news. It's the blanket with sleeves we all love. They -- their luxurious -- and now in hot new colors and -- is designed to keep you totally warm while keeping your hands free. There it is the commercial real launched a revolution it's so cold today and over the last few days we decided we -- gonna wrap ourselves all up. And that's not need this is the only way to address when you do -- -- -- might tell them how this. So really I don't know why we weren't wearing these from the start so we have to -- today. -- appreciation -- why not here on world news now this study was released in 2008 as a TV infomercial. But. -- Hepkins -- most successful in retail stores. I couldn't lose very limited Obama listen if you guys want to hit like -- camouflage colors. -- -- military fatigues. Cargo to Afghanistan and to keep that -- confuse the hell out of the Taliban are still up into the night Phillies. He had solid plan and I. I totally exclusive. Quiet but I decided since it does -- it happened was this -- that's been making -- -- has sold more than 35. Million snags. It's just like this are being alone. That's incredible and studies I didn't see or not just in primary colors anymore he can get up -- The very sexy leopard print how hot is that I was high -- he can customize viewers of the name of your favorite team of course there is the ever popular world news now green clad. I feel this is like you know like a mix of like maybe yes dog killers or something I don't know camino Seymour killed -- May I think I can feel that we. It's cool cool extra play now that's a that you're hey don't get called him -- and course not he's -- this for a couple days for dogs -- obviously for journalists and broadcasters is out. And of course her kids and we want to show you -- model -- the Ramada inn road c'mon man. It's for kids and can be -- -- talk -- -- and wouldn't let it is -- one. Can we can get it's not really so very stylish I mean how did not hug somebody like this Adnan her current. Yeah is so Cody I'm afraid I'm gonna fall asleep during this segment you comfortable. Quite comfortable he called it wants -- on the burning. And doing his job doesn't really -- -- But I don't know I think eleven and a little too much you haven't gone for like an hour now the only had to -- -- right now maybe appreciation days -- -- the -- they -- -- -- morning. Meeting before we start all this we'll came in -- -- -- the morning news. This -- this -- is this with -- million dollars for a long time we're starting a new trend here people and it stopped but anywhere close it's just snow season into the Israeli -- Did anybody -- violent act like you know there's no other -- in the world in the midwest like these. As you're going and because it's not his appreciation day I'd say we knew we wouldn't be a little while in the but I love that planet of the Boston -- -- condenses and actually tomorrow to maybe tomorrow Taylor -- The weather gets warm. So comfortable compared and I think that I like the.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"WNN\" gets cozy and warm with the Snuggie. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21444829","title":"Fight the Polar Vortex With the Snuggie","url":"/WNN/video/fight-polar-vortex-snuggie-21444829"}