Fighter jet crashes into building in California

The pilot was able to eject in time, but 12 people in the warehouse were injured. ABC News' Marci Gonzalez reports.
1:56 | 05/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fighter jet crashes into building in California
We begin without spectacular and terrifying crash of an F sixteen fighter jet and Southern California the jet came falling out of the sky the end of a routine training mission the pilot managed to Jack before the jet smashed through the roof of a warehouse. Leaving a dozen people injured now ABC's Martha Gonzales reports the investigation is underway into what went wrong. This video showing an F sixteen falling from the sky before crashing ripping this hole through the ceiling of the California warehouse full. The pilot who was coming in for landing at march air reserve base in Riverside injecting and surviving according to authorities. You can see the seat and here issued they're in the grass. For some reason where there was loss of thrust or a loss of control ability this pilot was so close to the ground that he or she felt they had to pull that ejection handle. And get out of the airplane. Firefighters staging nearby but keeping a safe distance concerned that the plane may have been loaded with weapons and ammunition. Cut the airplane inside the warehouse workers who were just feet away incredibly managing too risky. I see this feeling from all over the building to start collapsing. And then the sprinklers are going who just like sirens going it is chaotic news who has a madhouse. I mean a run bridge. That witness saying only one of his colleagues was injured. He was still conscious. I guess someone likes them too tightly sprinklers the beginning of the basin with the little bloodied. Use of the for the most work. Experts amazed this crash didn't ignite a fire sprinklers have obviously been activated latency sprinklers dousing the wreckage the plane's tail visible through the debris. The investigation just beginning. The real mystery is as the plane was landing brought one way. But it impacted a warehouse almost ninety degrees off that will be the question for investigators how did it go from here to here. RC Gonzales ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"The pilot was able to eject in time, but 12 people in the warehouse were injured. ABC News' Marci Gonzalez reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63098728","title":"Fighter jet crashes into building in California","url":"/WNN/video/fighter-jet-crashes-building-california-63098728"}