Find out the Top Google Searches State by State

A map of the US shows the most common Google search in each state.
2:50 | 12/16/15

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Transcript for Find out the Top Google Searches State by State
I'll welcome back to the mix this. The first let's accident this is about the states in America. And the phrases over the last year that they have Google for months so we can it sort of is it's really interesting sort of pedestal with Florida so the most to move phrase. In Florida. Concealed weapons concealed weapons. I can annual west yet found that more than anything else nailed a three woods put into Google lets try Wisconsin next. And Wisconsin. That most Google knows it West Virginia is doing men's West Virginia West Virginia. Of them most people who case. That ninety mind. I'd never. Way to get at West Virginia really now live I think you'll from Florida arena throughout Siam now that does not a huge amount of information about either statement based on those two things. The may to a live I'd rather live in West Virginia. You know it is a Second Amendment. Have a apple was joined by the legal please give that's what it. A gain in May Suzuki. The most who grew two actually medicine. There's a website the revealed reviving. As and they. They committed because they're checking stiffening analyst and just curious it's likely that's a great question just that now all they doing out of interest as it is a good story are all they kind of kicked. If I mean you got. That Ari. School lunches very hard to make one dad really goes the extra Lancashire was hit he cares about them. By doing it Star Wars. You see parents that's BBA and writing today. And that's is still trip up and it's a storm trooper aptly write those of others and another storm troopers take about thirty minutes to make these lunches and he goes with some sort of that the EB. And I think the cucumber that is not I think fight to what that you did the bad guy fights as the one adult latest trees have the sole truth is hustle that's sensational. Sensational I hit the. And say fixing our soybean is no little thing. And two weeks there ego. So he picks a character and a theme ad goes back for the week and he says he'll take some thirty minutes I I think I actually love. To make these for my son because it's hard habit to eat anything and this is an interesting way to spice up. Yeah he's gotten about all of the main content to wait from the sale might go visit the school would act. Elephant at look this is just finally listed dole we found that spirals are very populist pitch is going around this is what is that it's okay since his fifth. If your children visiting converted into school books I expect huge exploitation. Can. I now it probably knows they claim that he's waited on both sides equally so it's not happy. That that they'll be thinking look look away for a very hall booking tool counting Americans. Folks don't in this area animal.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"A map of the US shows the most common Google search in each state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35794914","title":"Find out the Top Google Searches State by State","url":"/WNN/video/find-top-google-searches-state-state-35794914"}